Shannon Sharpe outlines the Cavs’ chaos: ‘Chris Paul rolled Isaiah Thomas like a scooter in Mexico’

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe unveils why he believes Isaiah Thomas no longer presents a viable option for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers if they hope to progress through the playoffs.

- Skip, It looks like, to me, for the first time in 10 years, LeBron is resigned to the fact he doesn't have a roster that he can get to the NBA finals with. This roster, minus Kevin Love, might be worse than the roster he took for the very first time when he back in Cleveland, I think in 2007. This what it-- they're old, and they're not playing very well.

And I know, JR is going through a lot of things over the last couple of years, Skip. But JR has not played well since he got that big contract. Tristan Thompson is not playing up to that contract, and he knows it. He knows he's stuck on a bad roster that have no tradeable pieces. The only two pieces that someone-- there are three things they want from the Cavs. They want LeBron, they'll take Kevin Love, they want that Net's pick. Other than that, they don't want it.


- They don't want it. They can't-- they can't give Isaiah Thomas away. Skip, I'm looking at Isaiah. He has the worst net minus in the NBA. Chris Paul cooked him! Chris Paul rode Isaiah Thomas like a scooter in Mexico. Now, Joy, I haven't been to Mexico in a long time, but I hear they ride scooters. Not only do the locals ride scooters, but the tourists, because that's a quick way to get around 'cause a lot of traffic in just a small area. But that's what Chris Paul did.

Chris Paul was plus 47 on Saturday-- plus 47! Isaiah Thomas' minus is 8.6. He's played 26 minutes a game! Skip, imagine if he was playing his normal minutes, 35 to 36 a night. What that plus or minus-- the minus would actually be. He's down 10 point in field goal percentage. He's down 14 point in three point percentage. There is no coincidence that LeBron James is averaging 22 points a game since this guy's been back in the lineup. And I wondered why.

Like, Ty Lue, you got a good thing going. Why would you automatically insert him into the lineup? Let him play his way back into shape. And then finally line up. But they had a nice rotation. They were coming with D Wade, Jeff Green, Kyle Korver, LeBron run with that unit. He messed that all up. This thing, I know you see the line up. They got Tristan in there, they got-- I'm like, what the? What? You got a nice rotation and you mess it up because you don't want to hurt somebody's feelings?

Look here-- they ain't giving you nothing to sign, Isaiah Thomas. If there's a local carnival coming to town, trade him some Cracker Jacks or some candied apples or something. Get what you can. Nobody wants-- Skip, I've said this before. If you're 5' 9", explosive, quick, they can find a place for you in the NBA. Muggsy Bogues, hell, was 5' 3", 5' 4". Spud Webb was, like, 5' 6", 5' 7".

SKIP BAYLESS: Good friend of mine. Go ahead.

- But when you're 5' 9" and you're not explosive, you a liability. Look how Chris Paul was going around him. So he can't play defense, he can't give you the 30 that you were hoping. You can't give it the 28 because you kept, you talked him into existence, talking about he's going to average 30. And he's shooting like he's trying to get 30.

But if he can't give you 30 points-- he'll have the occasional night where he gets six or seven assists-- but more times than not, he's four to five. He can't score. He's a defensive liability. He's of no use to you, Skip. He's not even close to being the Isaiah Thomas. And just maybe-- maybe-- the last two seasons in Boston was an anomaly, and the Phoenix and Sacramento was who the real Isaiah Thomas is.

SKIP BAYLESS: I completely concur.