Skip Bayless: ‘Brady’s legacy was actually enhanced last night’

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss the legacies of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady after their Super Bowl LII loss.

- I think it damaged coach Belichick's legacy.

And as weird as this might seem and as big an issue as you might have with this, I realize Tom Brady lost the football game. Obviously, he lost 41 to 33. And I realize that the ball was in his hands late in the game, and it got dislodged by a great rush by Brandon Graham. And that is somewhat Brady's fault for not protecting the football as he tried to make a play and make another miracle.

But I'm here to suggest, I think Brady's legacy was actually enhanced last night, because at age 40, he broke the playoff record, not just the Super Bowl record, with 500 yards passing. He threw for 101 yards just in the fourth quarter.

So in his last three Super Bowls, as he gets up toward 40 years of age--

- No, he's up to his 41 years of age. He's already 40.

- No, but I'm saying, if you go back to Seattle. He's late in his career.

SHANNON: Yeah, yeah.

- When I think the NFL thought, oh, we can wreck this legacy with Deflategate, because he's about finished anyway. So he goes against Seattle. He throws for 124 in the fourth quarter and two touchdowns.

And then, obviously, last year he gets Atlanta. He throws for 246 in the fourth quarter and overtime and two touchdowns, and no interceptions.

And then last night, 100 yards against, what I thought, was a hellacious good Philly defense. I think they're really good. I think they can really rush the passer. Again, Dante Scarnecchia's unit did very well for most of the game. Although, Brady, he's going to be a sore older man this morning when he gets up, because he took some shots last night.

But the point is with 2:20 left in that game, the NFL world sat back and fully expected Tom Brady to make another miracle, right? Didn't everybody sit back and say, ho-hum, he's going to do it again.

We'll think about how preposterous that is, because he's done it so many times. All five Super Bowls, he's had a game-winning drive in the fourth quarter that everybody says, ho-hum, it's routine. It's expected. He's going to do it again.

Well, he's 40 years of age, and he is human. But that's like one last great tribute to him, is to say the world thought he was going to pull it off. And he didn't.

- I'm trying to figure out-- I'm trying to figure out, and maybe you can help me. How does Brady's legacy get enhanced in a loss, although he had a historic game, when Lebron's legacy gets dinged, he averages--

- I don't want to talk about LeBron James. He doesn't belong in this conversation.

- But I'm saying, you're making--

SKIP: This is another conversation.

- You're making excuses-- Yeah, I know. But you are a LeBron hater. So that's what--

- I'm not a hater. I'm a truth teller.

SHANNON: OK. I'm telling you the truth. Tom Brady cost them the game, because he fumbled the ball. The ball was in his hands with 2:20--

SKIP: Didn't you tell me earlier in the show it was a great play by Brandon Graham.

- It doesn't matter.

SKIP: Didn't you just-- you brought up--

- Is Tom Brady greater than Brandon Graham? So you're telling me Tom Brady is not as great as Brandon Graham now. Is that what you're telling me?

SKIP: I'll give you that. But I also showed you that last play where he avoided and evaded Brandon Graham.

- Did he make the play?

- He made the throw that Gronk didn't make.

- OK.

- He needed a partner to finish it off.

- What about all the great catches that Gronk did make?

- He needed Shannon Sharpe to go up and snatch it.

- No, Shannon wasn't in. Shannon's almost 50. What about all the great plays that Gronk made for Tom Brady in that ball game?

- He made some.

- OK, then.

- They were pretty good throws, too.

- Hey, yo, Skip, stop making excuses.

- How about the two Gronk drops in the first half? Because he dropped two that hit him right in the hands.

- What about the ones he skipped him? What about the play he skipped Gronk. Then he overthrew Gronk.

- Let's turn it over to his business partner, Bill Belichick, who really let him down last night. And the harder I look at Belichick's Super Bowl legacy, the less I see. I think his genius has been overestimated.

Again, he does so much with so little, but you you continue to give him 75% of the credit for the Patriots dynastic success.

SHANNON: Yeah, I do. I do.

- 75% of the credit. So I'm looking at his Super Bowls, and in these games, these eight Super Bowls, he's allowed his defense has allowed an average of 25 points a game and almost 400 yards a game. I don't know if that's shutdown brilliant genius defense.

SHANNON: Proud of last--