Skip and Shannon discuss Tom Brady dropping Danny Amendola’s pass in Super Bowl LII

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss Tom Brady dropping a pass from Danny Amendola in Super Bowl LII. Skip explains how Tom Brady is not 'superhuman'.

- Tom Brady's not superhuman. He's just a really great human.

SHANNON SHARPE: What? That's what you told me his is.

- I didn't tell you--

- Why didn't he-- hold up. One more thing. Why didn't he catch that pass?

SKIP BAYLESS: OK. You want to talk about that? Because it was high. It was too high.

- Oh, my-- naw. This is what we know. Now they told me, this is what I heard. A little birdie told me this. They said while he was in Minnesota, Nick Foles had 10 Jucy Lucys. Now that's a burger spot. Famous at Manny's. Ooh, [INAUDIBLE] them things bang-bang. They say he had cheesecakes at Jim's. Ooh. Bang bang. Said he had pizza and fried chicken. He doesn't do Pilates. He don't have Alex Guerrero. He hadn't discovered the secrets. But he caught a pass.

- Yeah. because he got recruited by Texas and Baylor to play basketball. Because he was a tight end as a sophomore at-- wait a second. Let me finish.


- At Austin Westlake High School which is a football throwing powerhouse that created and made a product out of Drew Brees.

SHANNON SHARPE: Didn't Tom Brady--

- Let me finish.


- You're missing the point. Nick Foles is an athlete, much more athletic than Tom Brady. Tom Brady has the greatest pocket feet I've ever seen. But if you can ask him to run a route down field and catch a ball that is overthrown straight over his head--


- Oh, it was too. It's way up here.

SHANNON SHARPE: He caught the one in 2015 that--

- It hit him right in the hands. It hit him right in the hands.


- Well, let me ask you this.

SHANNON SHARPE: He had that cut on his thumb. Yes.

- Hall of Famer, let me ask you this.

SHANNON SHARPE: Say that cut on his thumb.

- Where did the pass hit Nick Foles in the end zone from Trey Burton? When did it hit him? Where did it hit him? Right in the hands. Yeah, he's going to catch that. You know why? Because wait a second. When he was a sophomore at Austin Westlake, he played tight end and caught a touchdown pass as a sophomore.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, that was 15 years ago.

- He is an athlete. He got recruited by Texas and Baylor to play basketball.

- You just told me last week--

SKIP BAYLESS: Basketball. You're missing the point.

- You told me last week Tom Brady is the greatest and most clutch athlete in the history of civilization.

SKIP BAYLESS: Playing quarterback.

- No, you said athlete. You didn't say nothing about playing football.

- I said as a quarterback.

SHANNON SHARPE: You said he's the most clutch.

- He's not a receiver. He's not a receiver.

SHANNON SHARPE: You said he is the most clutch.

- Danny Amendola had a defender right in his face, and he threw it high. And you know it. And I know it.

SHANNON SHARPE: Trey Burton had a defender right in his face.

- So let's try to nit pick poor Tom Brady like you do all the time.

SHANNON SHARPE: You do it to LeBron. You do it to LeBron.

- Let's try to tear him all to pieces.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah you sure do it to LeBron.

- Don't put LeBron and Tom Brady in the same sentence.


- Because this guy just threw for 505 yards. 505.

SHANNON SHARPE: And LeBron James averages a triple-double.

- This guy just set the record.

SHANNON SHARPE: And they both lost. They both lost. They both lost.

- He set the record for the most--

SHANNON SHARPE: I don't care. What records?

- He brought his team back to 33 to 32, are you kidding me?

SHANNON SHARPE: Did he win? Oh, Joy-- Joy, what am I serving? Joy, I'm open early.

- As we see now, LeBron gets to play defense because he doesn't play it anymore. And he's quit on his team, or they've quit on him or vise versa. But in this case, Tom Brady cannot play defense.

- Well, you don't give the defensive any credit when they are holding the three points. You give Tom Brady all the credit.

- Bill Belichick was a disaster. What do you think about that Mr. Belichick fan?

- No, no, no.

- Help me out. No, help me out.

- No.

- I'm putting your feet to the fire. I've been answering about Tom Brady. Now you tell me about the great Bill Belichick.

- He's still great.

- Who made a very foolish genius decision.

- He's still great.

- To bench Malcolm Butler, and it backfired into a foolish mistake.

- And you told me last week, and you told everybody--

- Help me out.

- You told everybody that sat in that seat that Coach Belichick can make all these moves because he has 12. And 12 will-- why did he deliver him from yesterday?

- You know what? Belichick tried to polish his genius last night and say, watch what I can do. I'll go get Eric Rowe from the Eagles just before last season started.

- Yeah.

- You know, I'll trade a late round pick for him.

- Eric Rowe for the Winnebago. We take the Winnebago. We gave y'all Eric Rowe.

- Eric Rowe once upon a time was a second round draft pick down in Utah for the Philadelphia Eagles. So he says, watch what I do. Because they'll think I'm a real genius after this game. I'm going to elevate Eric Rowe and play him. I'm going to just bench Malcolm Butler. And when we win this game because Tom's going to pull us out of another hole from another big deficit. Then they'll all say, god, what a genius Belichick is. And it backfired.

- Ooh.

- I'd be outraged if I were Tom Brady's Brady.

- Skip. Hold up, Skip.

- It backfired.

- Skip, I've never said Tom wasn't great. He's historic.

- I have said that Belichick isn't great. And I'm going to say it again.

- The word you like to use, he's transcendentally.

- That was the word you originally used.

- I said transcendent.

- No, you said transcendental.

- No. Yeah, you put the l, y, or something to make it more. Because Tom Brady-- but here's the thing though, Skip, I've been trying to explain to you when Tom Brady has these come from behind victories, all you do is look at what he's done. You don't look at the defense only giving up three points in four fourth quarters.

- Well, last night he gave up 41 points.

- So why didn't Tom score 42?