Shannon Sharpe’s reaction to the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl LII win over Tom Brady’s Patriots

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Reacting to the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl LII victory over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why Philly's win was so impressive.

- Shannon, what happened?

- I can't wait to hear this.

- What happened? The Eagles happened. And Malcolm Butler talking about, what's this ish "we"? Ain't no we. Y'all lost this game. I was on the sideline chilling.

Skip, we've gone back and forth and you and I joke a lot. And we saw Nick Foles. And we kept harking back, we did see him once go 27 touchdowns, 2 interceptions. We see him, he was selected to the Pro Bowl.

He played well enough in his first playoff game to win because when he left the field, he had the lead. Drew Brees then drove the team down. They kicked the game-winning field goal. So we knew he had some pedigree. But we saw him leave Philly, go to the Rams. And it got so bad for him, he thought he thought about retiring.

We've seen him play well. We saw him play the best football game of his career in the NFC championship game. And I say, Skip, there's no way he can play like that again. There's no way. I said, because if he plays like that, they're going to-- so I'm saying no way can he play like that. Skip, he played better.

Because we've seen guys play well in the wildcard game or play well-- play in a divisional round or even the championship game. But there is nothing like that stage what is Super Bowl. Man, Skip loves QBR. You still like QBR?


- Can you tell me which quarterback had the higher QBR?

- 89-84 Nick Foles over Tom Brady.

- He answered everything Tom Brady threw at him. I thought the most important drive of the ball game for the Philadelphia Eagles coming out of the half, the Patriots got the ball first. And 2 minutes and 45 seconds later, they were in the end zone.

And what did the Eagles and Nick Foles do? They went right back down the field. And it took them five minutes to get back. And they had another 10 point lead.

Skip, they had to answer that bell. Because Tom-- this is what Tom-- this is what we know about the Patriots, this is how they like to perform, they like to get, they like to get points right before the half, get points coming out of the half. Their defense gets you three and out. And Tom Brady is right back on the field.

So if they're down, the next thing you know, they go in with a score, they come out with a score. They're either tied or they are ahead of you. But the Eagles said no, we're not going away. We're built for this. You and I both felt, 53 man to 53 man, the Eagles had the better team--


- --minus Gronk and Tom Brady. Obviously, the coaching, that was not even withstanding. That was not even up for debate.

- I just said minus Tom Brady, but go ahead.

- And the drive after New England took the lead and to go seven minutes and one second and go back down the field, Skip, that's huge. That is huge.

- Doug Pederson says I've been aggressive all year. And we've seen team get to this game. They play one way the whole season. And then when they get to this game, here we come in here on a Monday or we come in here the following day and it's like, that's not who they were, that's not who they've been the entire season. What changed?

Skip, if you look at them, they were-- when you combine third and fourth downs, they were 12 of 18, 12 of 18. Doug Pederson is going for it on fourth down. He pulled that old Baker Mayfield play. You know Baker Mayfield, they ran at the very same play against Georgia right before the half, Skip.

They're going to get points. They could have like, look, let's just run the ball. No, Doug Pederson said, we're going for it. They did the exact same thing in the championship game.

Eight minutes time of possession, we saw Jacksonville have the ball eight, nine minutes more than--

SKIP BAYLESS: Philly had it eight more minutes.

- Eight more minutes, 34:30 to 25:56. We saw Jacksonville in the championship game--


- --possess the ball more.

SKIP BAYLESS: They sure did.

- But they were keeping the ball four and five minutes and punting it.


- The Eagles were keeping the ball four, five minutes and getting the ball in the end zone. And that's what you have to do, convert third downs, stay on the field. The best defense is Tom Brady on the sideline. Because with the exception of that that strip by Graham, they really didn't get near Brady.


- They played--

- I mean, they got near-- they knocked him around a bit.

- Yeah, late in the ballgame. But Skip, I mean he was fabulous, 500 yards, 3 receivers over 100 yards, 30-- what, 32 points?

SKIP BAYLESS: 30, 33, yeah.

- But it didn't matter because why? What happened in the fourth quarter, Skip, when Tom Brady is at his all time best? What couldn't the defense do? Couldn't get off the field.

Because you remember, you're telling about how historically great he was. I just need to know why Tom Brady couldn't deliver the Patriots last night. I'll tell you why. What I've been telling you all along, everybody wants to make it about Tom Brady.

He's historically great. He's transcendent great. He's the greatest quarterback of all time. But there's a two part series to this.

When the defense can't get you off the field-- because in those four previous games, they had given up a total of three points against the Ravens in the championship game, against-- who else they play. Oh, Seattle, ooh Seattle, the legion of boom, Atlanta Falcons, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the defense gave up three points. They gave up 12 yesterday.

And that's what happened. I just want to know why Tom Brady had two cracks couldn't bring it home, Skip. He had two cracks, two cracks, the greatest quarterback to ever play, the greatest athlete. He's more clutch than Michael Jordan.

SKIP BAYLESS: He is. And he was last night.

- Hey, as Meshell Ndegeocello would say, if he was, he wasn't last night, if that's your boy--

SKIP BAYLESS: Tell me when you're finished.

- I'm done.


- No, I'm finished with this part of the equation. I'm going to let you go. Because I love looking, love looking at your face right now.