Skip Bayless reveals why Pats’ Super Bowl LII loss showcased the best version of Tom Brady we’ve ever seen

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Reflecting on the Philadelphia Eagles defeating Tom Brady and the New England patriots in Super Bowl LII, Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why the New England Patriots Super Bowl LII loss showcased the best version of Tom Brady we've ever seen.

- I want to do two things.

- What?

- I want to congratulate the Philadelphia Eagles. I hate the Eagles. As a longtime, lifelong Cowboy fan, I hate them. But I congratulate them. And I want to congratulate America, most of America, on getting to see a wildly exciting and wildly entertaining game that Tom Brady did not win. Because I'm sure most of America loved that last night. And you got to see, as Joy pointed out, all time record yards. Not just for a playoff game or a Super Bowl, for any NFL game in the history of the league.

- 98 years.

- The most combined yards.

- 98 years of playing football.

- What? That's impossible. When I heard that late last night, I said, that cannot be. 1,151 combined yards. America feasted on all those yards along with their Super Bowl buffets. Could it get any better than that?

- No.

- And Tom Brady lost. It just can't be better than that. But now for my bottom, bottom line. My bottom of the barrel line.

- OK.

- While I saw a Tom Brady who was at his all time greatest last night, I saw Brady who has never been better than he was last night, with-- not just a Super Bowl record 505 yards passing. That's an all time playoff record for all the playoff games ever played and all the Super Bowls ever played. 505 is that the number one top of that list. And Tom Brady accomplished that without his deep threat receiver for the final three quarters. There was no Brandin Cooks. So no Edelman. No Martellus. No Brandin Cooks. And he still pulled off 505 passing yards.

But meanwhile, his partner in crime Bill Belichick was at his all time awfulest, all time worst. Bill Belichick's defense last night was an all time embarrassment. If, in fact, Bill Belichick is what you've been trying to explain to me, and tell me, and convince me of, that he's an all time genius of a coach--

- He is.

- After we saw that 30 for 30 the other night on ESPN--

- Whoa, Skip.

- --"The Two Bills," Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells. And you came away saying, I have-- I'm in even more awe of his legacy now.

- Are you trying to tell me they sold a--

- What?

- --a bill of goods?

- Yes, a bill of goods.


- Nick Foles. Nick Foles last night, to quote you, was 12 of 18 combined on third and fourth down against Bill Belichick's genius defense. The Eagles had 538 yards against Bill Belichick's defense. And is this correct? I can't get this number in my head. Nick Foles's offense scored 41 points against Bill Belichick's de-- 41?

- What?

- Who would have thunk it? I still-- like, I woke up this morning. I said, I dreamed that. No, I didn't dream that. 41 points.

- You mean to tell me you went to sleep after that? No, I--

- I don't think--

- I wanted to go to sleep during the game.

- You laid down, but you weren't asleep.

- Bill Belichick did not hold up his end of the Brady-Belichick bargain last night. That's the bottom line. And I will bet you that somewhere right now Tom Brady is still outraged at Bill Belichick and at the, quote unquote, "defensive coordinator" Matt Patricia. But we know who coordinates and strategizes this defense is Bill Belichick.

- OK.

- Brady has to be outraged against those two. Because Tom Brady scored more points in the Super Bowl last night than any Super Bowl loser has ever scored. He scored 33 points. Wouldn't you think that would be enough to win that game?

- Yeah.

- Give me just a little bit, a hint of defense. The only hint I got was they win-- of course, this is Bill Belichick, the genius. They win the toss and defer. He takes the ball out of Tom Brady's hands and puts it in Nick Foles's hands. And Foles goes right down the field. And the only play they really made in the whole game was they kept him out of the end zone. It was only three points. But you could see what was about to come.

So Tom Brady did in the fourth quarter what he has done seven times in the Super Bowl in fourth quarters. He conducted a come-from-behind, go-ahead, potential game-winning drive. He's got five that stood up in Super Bowls.

- Yes.

- And he has one that didn't stand up against-- in the first Eli game. Because he got Tyree'd after he score-- hit Randy Moss with 2:42 to go to put them up 14 to 10. And last night, he did it again. He improbably, against all odds, brought them back to 33-32, Patriots. I was just dumbfounded. I was spellbound. I just sat back. That's 9:22 left in the game. Brady did it again. He put them back ahead 33 to 32.

And to your point, the Eagles proceeded to go on a 14 play, 75 yard drive. 14 plays and 75 yards. Just make one play. I'm just screaming. Like, I'm pacing and screaming. Ernestine is just-- she won't talk to me. Hazel won't speak to me.

- You're talking about she won't talk to you? You don't let her talk to you when you-- when you're going through these emotions.

- I just-- I was out of my mind. Because it's a one-play game. Somebody on defense on either side needed to make one play. And in the end, Brandon Graham made the one play. And that was a great play. And remember, we had Keenan Allen sitting right here where Joy was sitting. And what did he say?

- You said, what about Brandon-- what do you think about Brandon Graham?

- I don't think I brought him up. I thought--

- No, you asked. You said, well, you know-- said, what about Graham? He said, he's the game changer.

- He's the game changer. But he-- beyond Fletcher Cox, he said, that's the game changer.

- Yes.

- And finally he blew by Shaq Mason. He'd been trying to bull rush him. And he blew off the left shoulder and got free. And he just made one great play on Tom Brady. I didn't think it was a particularly poor play. I mean, I don't like it that he lost the football. But then they got a bounce. Because sometimes those balls bounce back to you. But it bounced right up.

- To Barnett.

- To Barnett. And it's basically game over at that point. So they made the one play. And the Patriots couldn't make one play all night. And I would suggest to you-- and we're going to get more deeply into this later in the show-- Malcolm Butler could make a play, because that's what he does. Again, does he have great hands? No. But he's got ball hawk in him. And he's always around the football. And he's always getting his hands on a play.

- Right

- And obviously he made the greatest defensive final play of the Super Bowl we've ever seen.

- Might've been in playoff history.

- In history. It was. It just simply was. And it changed the fates of two franchises.