Drew Brees reflects on the loss to Minnesota in the NFC playoffs

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Drew Brees joins Undisputed from Super Bowl LII to reflect on the 29-24 NFC playoff loss against the Minnesota Vikings. Brees talks about the final play of the game where Vikings' Stefon Diggs made the 61-yd game-winning TD to advance to the NFC Championship.

- Drew, you were 10 seconds away from going to the NFC championship game. As you're standing on the sideline and that ball is completed, what's going through your mind and what do you tell your young rookie safety how to overcome such adversity?

- Listen, that was tough. I mean, that whole game was just a range of emotions. You know, we played terrible in the first half. We're down 17 to 0. You know, on the road at Minnesota, ruckus environment. And to overcome that, take the lead 24-23 with 25 seconds left, you feel like your chances are pretty good at winning that game at that point. And listen, just a simple mistake and all of a sudden they score and they win the game. And it becomes one of the craziest finishes in playoff history.

But I look at the young safety and first of all, there's not a guy that I love coming to work and and being with than Marcus Williams, our safety. And I think, personally, that he's going to be one of the best free safeties in this league as we go along here. He is such an important part of our defense and of our team. And there's not a guy who works harder or who prepares better than him. And so I think you look at it one of two ways. Either you go in the tank or you use it as fuel to accomplish something great in the future. I know when that play comes around in the future that guy's going to make a play that's going to allow us to win a big game or to win a championship. I fully believe that and that's what I've tried to tell him as well.