Patrick Peterson joins Undisputed and explains why he’s the best corner back in the league

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Patrick Peterson joins Undisputed from Super Bowl LII to discuss his 2017 season with the Arizona Cardinals, explain why he's the best corner back in the league and make his Super Bowl prediction.

- So Patrick, other than yourself, who is the best cornerback in pro football?

- I'll probably have to say Casey Hayward.

- Jalen Ramsey's gonna be upset.

- You know him-- yeah, I was just about to say, it's between-- it's a lot of guys that could be up there. Jalen-- Jalen had an awesome year this year.

- He did.

- AJ Bouye had an awesome year this year. Xavier Rhodes had another good year as well, so those-- those three guys, those four guys, definitely up there. But I'd probably have to say Casey right now. Because you know, two All-Pros two years in a row, I mean, it speaks for itself.

- Casey Hayward, yup.

- I would probably say-- yeah, Casey Hayward.

- Mm hm.

- So he's playing some good ball, he's a baller. And I love the way he attacks the game.

- But do you still believe you are number one on that list?

- No doubt about it.


- I mean, I've been the fewest targeted cornerback the last three years. Quarterbacks, obviously, stay away from me, so I don't have opportunities to make plays. That's probably why I don't make an All-Pro team, because I don't show up on a stat sheet. So I believe if I had more opportunities to make plays, my play would definitely be spoken more-- more about.