Skip on Terrell Owens: ‘He wouldn’t be in my Hall of Fame, but he deserves to get in’

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Skip Bayless discusses the Pro Football Hall of Fame hopefuls. Skip explains how Terrell Owens has a better chance of getting inducted this year than Randy Moss.

- My bottom line to this discussion is I believe that Terrell Owens, unbelievably, now has a little better chance of getting in this Saturday than even Randy Moss does, because--

SHANNON: Do you think he's generated sympathy?

- Yes. And I probably have helped his cause a little bit, but I stand by what I've said from the start. This is even before he was retired. He wouldn't be in my Hall of Fame. And I'll get back into it, and I don't want to beat the, quote, unquote, "dead horse" and pile on.

But still, the point about Terrell is I think he's been very shrewd in conducting his campaign for why he belongs, and it has created sympathy for him. And it has shamed probably subconsciously enough of those voters to think, gee, did I get too personal? Has it become our vendetta? Which I don't think-- I don't see that.

But because Terrell has talked about it so much, I think there's been a groundswell on social media in support of him led in large part by you and other Hall of Famers. And I don't know any Hall of Famer-- I haven't seen anybody quoted-- who doesn't think he doesn't belong, right? Everybody does.

SHANNON: Well, there's a few, because they have two guys last year, and it'll probably be the same this year. You had Dan Fouts and you had James Lofton, two current members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame that's actually inside the room with the writers. And they're making their cases why this player should or why this player shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame.

SKIP: I can't-- are they anti? I can't remember.

SHANNON: Dan Fouts was.

SKIP: Dan Fouts was. OK. Got it.

So Randy Moss just-- it's going to put the voters in a precarious position, because they're going to look hypocritical if they first ballot Randy Moss. For me, I told you yesterday, the last couple of days, Randy Moss is a first ballot, just because he revolutionized the game.

And I'm going to take him over Terrell Owens just as a pure wide receiver, because starting with that first year in Minnesota, it just was eye-popping, what he did.

SHANNON: 17 receiving touchdowns as a rookie.

- Yeah, I mean, it's just outrageous, what he did. And a lot of what he did off the field was equally outrageous.


- But he ran for 240 versus Terrell's 4, 5-ish. And he had great hands to Terrell's sometimes shaky hands. And as a deep threat, I'd never seen anything since Bob Hayes like this guy.


- For those that go way back. Do you remember Bob Hayes?


- Bullet Bob.

SHANNON: I don't remember. I don't remember him. But he revolutionized the game.

- He did.

SHANNON: Because he made everybody get out of that man coverage. Because before Bob Hayes came in, everybody played man coverage.

- Yeah, and Bob Hayes had Olympic speed.

SHANNON: Well, he won the Olympic gold medal.

- That's what I'm saying. Yeah. So he could flat fly.


- I mean, he might have been faster than these guys.

SHANNON: Yeah, he absolutely was.

- So the point is Randy Moss belongs in just on what he was on the football field.

But if you start looking at the misbehavior, and you've brought up several times the bad attitude, Terrell did not have a bad attitude once the ball was snapped. He played with rage. He played as hard-- he was like Russell Westbrook of the NFL just playing as hard as he can every snap, every game. I give you that.

Randy Moss took plays off and admitted he took plays off. If he wasn't into it, he went to Oakland. And for whatever reason, he just didn't like the circumstance. He didn't like Al. And he finally just said, I'm out. And he was out to New England, and then records happened, right?

SHANNON: Correct.

- So the point is, if you're going to dock him one year, it would look correct, because if you're going to make Terrell wait three years, Randy Moss should probably, if you're going to stay the course, shouldn't he be docked one year? Now, you wouldn't dock either one of them.

- I would have never docked them.

SKIP: And by the way, just for the record, you had to wait--

SHANNON: Three years.

- Three years. OK.