Shannon Sharpe: it’s ‘unacceptable’ that Terrell Owens isn’t in the Hall of Fame

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees will be announced tomorrow. Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why he believes Terrell Owens, who is on the ballot for the third time and Randy Moss a first time finalist should be inducted. Moss is second all-time in touchdown receptions, while Owens is right behind him in third. But both players have also been criticized for on and off field antics.

SHANNON SHARPE: I believe both of these guys get in. The thing is that what we're seeing here is that people keep trying to put Moss against T.O and Moss against T.O. I think you should judge them on the era in which they played in. And if you look at them in the era they played in they were the two preeminent wide receivers at that time.

Now, both of these guys also played in the era where it wasn't just throw the ball 50 times a game. They came into the league where you also ran the football. And they were putting up these astronomical numbers. And then when the league shifted and started calling more incidental contact, they started protecting the quarterbacks more. And quarterback, you saw the completion percentage of quarterbacks go from-- when I first got in the league if you ARE a high 50 completion percentage gasket, you are a very good player. If you complete under 60% of your balls now, you're trash. That's what they label you as.

SKIP: Yep.

SHANNON SHARPE: And so now we've seen guys go from high 50s, mid 60s, upper 60s. We see Drew Brees, and some of these other quarterbacks, completing 70%. I think Drew Brees just completed 72% of his passes this year, which he has three of the four highest completion percentage seasons in NFL.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, it's just hard. And also what I see, because Randy transitioned to TV, is kind of softened his image. We look at Randy Knight like, you know what, Randy's all right. Randy's all right.

SKIP: Yeah.

SHANNON SHARPE: T.O. Didn't get an opportunity to go on the TV, for whatever reason.

SKIP: Well, he's got a lot of opportunities sitting right here on [INTERPOSING VOICES].

SHANNON SHARPE: I'm just saying, Randy is on every Sunday. He's talking about football. He's breaking down games. It softened his image.

SKIP: Well, it doesn't soften Terrell's because he sits here arguing with me.

- He's been arguing with a lot of people, Skip. And he has some very valid points, that he should be. It's hard for me to believe that the guy that has the third most touchdowns, the second most receiving yards, isn't in the Hall of Fame. What other sport-- it's hard for me to believe that the guy that had the second, the third most home runs, isn't in the Hall of Fame. The guy that had the second or third most points in the NBA, or the second or third most rebounds, isn't in the Hall of Fame. How do you tell this 98 year history without having Terrell Owens in it?

SKIP: Uh-hmm.

SHANNON SHARPE: You can't. And talking to some people that were in the room, that's been voting for years, some of them have been voting for upwards of 20 years, said it was the most contentious they had ever seen it.

SKIP: Yeah.

SHANNON SHARPE: And it came down to some people felt it was like just plain hatred. It's like they were going out of their way to find a reason to keep this young man out of the Hall of Fame. You shouldn't try to find reasons to keep someone out. That's not what it's about. What did he do on the field. What he did on the field is second to none. Like I said, I can make the case that he is the second greatest receiver of all time.

But stop trying to put them against each other. Well if you put T.O. In, you can't put Randy in this year. If you put Randy in, T.O. Needs to wait. Well, Michael waited and Chris Carter's waiting I don't want to hear all that. These guys deserve to be in it. T.O. Should have been a first ballot. Randi should be a first ballot. And for T.O. To have to wait this long is unacceptable. But T.O, since he's been off the field, I don't think anybody has changed the perception of TO. Whatever you thought of him when he played, you still feel that exact same way now. I just think the perception of Randy has changed because he's on there now.