Shannon Sharpe reveals why New England will edge out Philadelphia in Super Bowl LII

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Looking ahead to Super Bowl LII with Tom Brady's New England Patriots and Nick Foles' Philadelphia Eagles, Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are the reasons he is picking the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

- I've gone back and forth with this so many times. I think top to bottom, the Eagles have the better football team. But in the two most important positions, head coach and quarterback, it's not even close. I always felt that Gronk was going to play. And then they got the good news yesterday that he had cleared concussion protocol, and he was going to be able to play.

And Coach Belichick having two weeks. Skip, we're going to talk about the "30 for 30 Documentary" last night, Bill versus Bill, and the game-- some of the game plans that he came up with, with only a week to prepare. Really, not even a week, because back then, you flew directly from the championship game straight to the Super Bowl destination. So there is no week in between or the extra prep days.

He'll have a game plan that's catered not to what the Eagles do really well, what does Nick Foles do really well. How do we take advantage of him? And that's what Coach Belichick in listening to the documentary throughout and how everything is just so specific. They called him Doom. I can see why.

Skip, I expect a slow start, because I think in these games like this, everybody wants to feel it out. You script your first 15, first 20 plays. You don't do anything crazy. So no double reverses, no flea flickers, doubt you're going to get bomb blitzed from a defensive perspective, where they bring everybody and vacate the middle of the field. I don't think you will see that.

But Tom Brady has more Super Bowl ex-- more Super Bowl games than every other player on the Eagles roster combined, considering they were just at this game last year. That's a wealth of experience. Again, Gronk's coming back. I think they win on a late field goal. Eagles have the lead late.

- Mm.

- Brady drives them in field goal range. Stephen Gostkowski--


- --kicks a 42-yard field goal, 27-26 Pats.

SKIP BAYLESS: 27-26, wow, this is really tearing you apart. I've never seen such anguish--

SHANNON SHARPE: [LAUGHS] No, Skip, 'cause I--

- --across the table.

- 'cause I told--

SKIP BAYLESS: You're still-- you were weighing it as you were speaking it, man.


- You almost went the other way.

- I almost, did, Skip. And I told-- I was talking to Healey last night. I said right now, I'm lean-- I'm leaning Pats.

- By the way, Healey is our producer.

- Producer.

- Chris Healey, yes.

- I said, I'm leaning Pats, but let me sleep on it.

- Yep.

- Because, man, and then I-- and then you see Coach Belichick at the game last night. Coach Belichick doesn't normally venture out like this. So he feels really--

- You know what?

- He knows something that we don't know.

- I agree, I agree. I was shocked. And it looked like he vacated at halftime or thereof, because they showed an empty seat in the second half. But that was-- that was a little brazen maybe.

- So what's he saying, Skip?

- I don't know. You think he's got this one in the bag?

- Yeah.

- I don't know, hm.