Skip Bayless reveals why Randy Moss is a better WR than Terrell Owens

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In his discussion about the NFL Hall of Fame hopefuls, Skip Bayless explains why he believes Randy Moss is a better overall WR than Terrell Owens and Moss should be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

- I cannot tell you how much I disagree with both of you. And I believe if we put both of you on the lie detector and ask you, you can start your team with one or the other, you would without hesitation take Randy Moss.

- I'm taking TO.

- The-- I-- You can say that now but I don't believe you.

- Skip, I--

- I just don't believe you.

- Skip, I said it when I was playing. Skip, if you watch-- you got to watch him on tape, because a lot of times we crossed and we played the same teams they were playing so we looking at the offense against the defense. People don't realize how special TO was.

I mean, they don't like his personality. They don't like the yelling and the antics on the sideline. But I'm telling you, I could make a case he's the second greatest receiver to ever put on a helmet.

- In my career, I have never seen anything like Randy Moss. He revolutionized the game of pro football as a rookie alongside our man, Cris Carter, who became his big brother and mentor. But even that first year with Daunte Culpepper going bombs away, do you remember Thanksgiving at Dallas because he wanted to take it out on the Cowboy team that had passed him just the way he took it out on every team that has passed in him the draft?

ROB PARKER: Lions passed him as well.

- Everybody drafting did.

ROB PARKER: Everybody did. Right.

- Yeah, I was working in Chicago, and I'm just beating the table, writing columns, you have to take this guy.

ROB PARKER: And they--

- No, he's too--

- Who did they take, Curtis Enis?

- Which draft was that? Yeah, was that the Curtis transfer?

- '98.


- Might've been.

SKIP BAYLESS: It was Curtis Enis, yep. So the point is at Dallas on Thanksgiving, Randy Moss caught three balls in that game. One went for a 53-yard-- I'm sorry-- 51-yard, 56-yard, and 56-yard touchdown. So he got three balls for long distance touchdowns because that's who he was. He ran 4, 2, 40.

TO was more in that 4, 5 range. And you want to talk about hands? Randy Moss had hands.

He had reliable, trustable, big time, big play hands. And Terrell Owens led the league. And the stats are a little hazy on this. But multiple times he led the league in dropped passes.

ROB PARKER: That's amazing with all the yards and--

- OK, but I covered--

- --receptions that he had.

SKIP BAYLESS: --him. And trust me there was a big game in 2001 after 9/11, and they played the rival Rams in San Francisco. And Terrell dropped balls that just cost them the game. He would do it in some big moments. I'm not saying he always did it. But that-- Randy Moss had much surer hands than Terrell.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, you remember in '98, Skip, he dropped all those passes and then he ends up catching the game winner--

- Then he caught one. He did catch one.

- --against Green Bay. He caught it. He caught it.

SKIP BAYLESS: And I covered a number of games in which TO and Randy went head-to-head. And trust me on this, Randy always won the head-to-head because he would just rise and shine. And TO was-- what was he? A third round pick. And he was just always a little insecure in sort of the presence of Randy Moss.

And the signature Randy Moss game came at your Metrodome in Minneapolis back in 2003. And Randy just went off. Eight catches for 172 and three touchdowns.

Terrell caught five for 55. But it triggered the infamous rant up and down the sideline--

- Yeah, he should have been upset.

- [INAUDIBLE] against Greg Knapp, the coordinator, who was sitting on the bench just cowering.

ROB PARKER: Cowering, right.

SHANNON SHARPE: When we played the Patriots with Ben Coates, when we played the Chiefs with Tony Gonzalez, I'm telling Steve Atwater and Bill Romanowski, don't y'all let them show me up. That's y'all responsibility to stop him.


- Do not let this man show me up in my house.

- And Terrell was so embarrassed that he went in the locker room after the game, and I was there. And he campaigned to demote Jeff Garcia from starting quarterback and to promote one Tim Rattay from Louisiana Tech-- a seventh round draft pick.

ROB PARKER: Did you write that column down that day?

- Oh, did I. Oh, boom!

- That was, Skip.

- Skip, he said it in confidence. You don't go repeat what you--

- No, he said it-- he was campaigning for it.

- Unbelievable, Skip. That was a free column day.

- OK, but again, and both of them could be very destructive to their teams in the locker room. They both had all their issues. And I don't even want to get into those.

But just to me, if I just do I test, man this guy-- and Terrell had a great career. And those yards, I can't argue with any of your numbers. They're huge. They're--

SHANNON SHARPE: You know both of them play for five teams, right?

- Yeah.

- Both of them.

- I know.

- Now what-- let me ask you a question. What would the Raiders say about TO? What-- I mean, Randy--

SKIP BAYLESS: I know what--

- We're talking about Randy.

SKIP BAYLESS: I know what they said, because I talked to the head man about it.


- Because he loved him, and then he did not love it.

- Name--