Shannon Sharpe: Kirk Cousins in Denver would be a ‘huge upgrade’

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Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss a recent interview where Denver Broncos' LB Von Miller saying the Broncos need Kirk Cousins and he'll 'take us over the edge'.

- First of all, Von, you don't have great quarterbacks. Because if you had great quarterbacks, you wouldn't be on the market for another quarterback. My question is, Skip, if the Broncos yes, they do need Kirk Cousins and it would be a huge upgrade. He would put them in serious playoff, Super Bowl contention.

But my question is, Skip, if you're going to go get him now, why wouldn't you when they franchised him, you give him your first round pick who was Paxton Lynch, to go sign him back then. You could have got him for the cheap. Because you wasted two years of a prime defense that you're probably going to have to break up some of it. You're probably going to have to move some of these wide receiver pieces.

Why wouldn't you do that then, Skip? This makes, I mean, it makes perfect sense now, because you need a quarterback. You're not trying to like, well, you're not trying to be 8-8 and 9-7. The Broncos, when you win five straight divisions, you go to two Super Bowls in that span, Super Bowl is your only aspiration. Winning the division, yeah, that's fine and good. But we're not hanging no banners for winning division.

You're trying to win Super Bowl LIII, LIIII, LV. So absolutely, Kirk Cousins is a huge upgrade over what they have. If they'd have had Kurt the last two years, I think one of these years instead of the Patriots in the Super Bowl, it's the Denver Broncos. They had a defense that could challenge Tom Brady, but they were challenged offensively.

And when you're challenged offensively, no matter how good your defense is, if you put them on the field enough, Skip, remember what happened in the NFC championship game? When Minnesota started turning that football over and that defense, who was historically great, Nick Foles made them look like nothing, a B team. And that's what happened.

So no matter how great your defense is, if your offense can't sustain at least some drives and give you an opportunity to get a cup of water without saying, defense, you up, that's what will happen to you. So Kirk Cousins would absolutely. But here's the thing though, Skip. What are you going to have to dismantle?

If Andrew Luck got $87 million and he wasn't guaranteed and he wasn't free, and Matthew Stafford got $92 million and he wasn't free, Skip, we've never seen a quarterback like this become totally free, uninjured, 29 years of age. We haven't seen this, Skip. So it's going to take you somewhere north of $90 million, maybe a $100 million guaranteed. $130, $140 million in total for five years to get this young man.

And then you're going to probably have to break pieces up. Aqib Talib will probably have to leave. Emmanuel Sanders probably would have to leave in order for you to find the cap room to get Kirk Cousins on your roster. But there's no question about it, they should sign him.

Alex Smith is off the market now, so where are you going to go? Tyrod Taylor might be available. Drew Brees has made it abundantly clear, he wants to finish up in New Orleans. So maybe one of the guys, maybe two of the guys from Minnesota will be available. Maybe Nick Foles will be available, we're going to talk about him. But absolutely--

SKIP BAYLESS: Maybe Carson Wentz will be available.


- We don't know.

- You would hope that, you hope that, you hope that. After what he did to y'all on Sunday night. You remember, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: Y'all, y'all weren't y'all. We didn't have any y'alls. We didn't have anybody.

- Carson Wentz' leg was healthy. Then he put boots into [INAUDIBLE].

SKIP BAYLESS: If we'd been healthy, we'd been putting lots of foots up your you know what.

- Carson Wentz was tired. Tired like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest. He put the foot up in the Cowboys.

SKIP BAYLESS: I can't figure you out. 'Cause you go back and forth from day to day about whether first, Cousins should be a Bronco or not. Yesterday you were not a Bronco. Last week, you were got to be a Bronco.

- No no, I've been saying he should be a Bronco. And he would greatly change fortunes. But here's the, what does he want, Skip? If you want max dollars, he probably get more money from the Cleveland Browns. If you want a chance to win, you might have to take a few million dollars less per year, and even in guaranteed money, to go to the Denver Broncos or the Jacksonville Jaguars, if they're interested.

But, oh the Broncos. well yeah, you know John Elway what we do. Skip, we got to, we won a division with Tim Tebow. Are you saying Tim Tebow is better than Kirk Cousins? Say it.

SKIP BAYLESS: You inherited Tim Tebow. You were stuck with Tim Tebow, or so you thought. And so you threw him in so he would fail. And all he did is win and all he does is win and all he does is win.

- I'm going to do you like you do me. I want to get you on record. Are you saying Tim Tebow is better than Kirk Cousins?

- Heck, yes, I am. He's a bigger winner than Kirk Cousins.


- I can't with you, I can't.

- You know what.