Shannon Sharpe explains why he doesn’t see LeBron joining the Warriors

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Jenny Taft, Shannon Sharpe reacts to reports that LeBron James is considering joining Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant on the Golden State Warriors. Shannon explains why he doesn't see this happening.

- LeBron would do is due diligence. Skip, you remember the first time he went to Miami, he actually sat down with six teams. The Heat, the Clippers, the Nets, the Bulls. So we know he will do his homework. He and his team will leave no stone unturned, to make sure LeBron maximizes all his options. He wants a chance to compete for titles. He wants a front office, an ownership that will spin it to make sure he's afforded every possibility, every single year, to compete for a title.

And if that means spending in the luxury tax, that's what you have to be willing to do. So I'm not surprised by this. He also like loves stability. What he's going through right now, Skip, they fired their general manager last year three days before the draft. Well, they issued a statement they were not going to renew his contract. It ran out on the 30th. So three days before the draft, they issued that statement saying, they were not going to renew it, basically terminating his contract.


- Probably having deals on the table. Now Dan Gilbert steps in and says OK, who do we call now? The had no general manager, so I guess everybody was calling Dan Gilbert. I just don't see it happening, Skip. I don't.


- It would be-- Skip, you can't put three best players in the NBA currently on one team.


- Because you can't. That's not right.

- It's doable. It's workable.

- Anything is possible. They put a man on the moon. Did you see the election of 2016? So anything's possible, Skip Bayless. No, no, no. And here's the kicker. Him going somewhere else and winning one title would be better out winning three in Golden State. Just like that one that he won in Cleveland is more valuable than the two that he got in Miami.

SKIP BAYLESS: You just can't stand the prospect of the heat that LeBron would take, so to speak, for going to join forces with that dynasty, right?

- I mean, what's the problem?

- Well, that's your problem.

SHANNON SHARPE: No, no, no. I don't-- [INAUDIBLE].

- Is that why it's sticking in your craw. I can see it, I can feel it, I can hear it.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, it's-- even without my-- I might just have the back up.


- Yeah. I might just have to back up on that one.

SKIP BAYLESS: You'd back off your man?

- I'm going to have to back up. I ain't going to say I'm going to get totally off, but here's another thing, Skip. Would I be surprised if he sat down with the Boston Celtics? Nope.


- He loves stability in the front office. He loves structure. He doesn't like chaos. I mean, people are like, well, LeBron likes chaos. He might like to create it, but he likes upper management to be on the straight and narrow.


- Not a whole lot of dysfunction. And what we know with Golden State, they run a tight ship. The Clippers with Jerry West intact now, they run it the right way. Danny Ainge in Boston, they do things the right way. So-- San Antonio, would I be-- you know he's going to sit down with Pop and R.C. Buford because they do things the right way. Now all that's going to be contingent on what they're going to do with--

SKIP BAYLESS: That's correct.

- --with--


- Kawhi Leonard. But am I surprised? No. Do I see it happening? I don't see it happening, Skip.