Shannon Sharpe reacts to James Harden’s 60-point night: ‘I don’t know how you keep him out of the top 5 list’

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Last night, James Harden became the first player in NBA history to score 60 points as part of a triple-double in the Houston Rockets' 114-107 home win over the Orlando Magic. Shannon Sharpe shares his thoughts on Harden's MVP-caliber night.

- Skip, I'm very impressed. Any time you can do something in a positive, now somebody turning the ball over 15 times, you're the first person to turn to, but Jason Kidd has the most turnovers of the game at 14.

- Sort of like that LeBron quadruple-double--

- Why we got to bring up LeBron? This is James Harden's moment.

- 11 turnovers. I don't know.

- It's James Harden's moment.

- You can open the door for that.

- Skip, this is very special. To get that many points. Normally, when someone has it going like this, everybody passes him the ball, they get out of his way. When Kobe scored his 81, he had two assists.

This man had 60 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds. But here's the kicker, Skip, he's had two more games where he was responsible for more points. But for him to score 60, and still get his teammates involved, because with two minutes left in this ball game, they were tied.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, this was a close game, to the wire. They needed all of him.

- In Kobe's 81-point game, Skip, he had two assists. He was responsible for 86 points. James Harden was equally responsible for 86 points. I think what's so impressive was the amount, the scoring James Harden's-- look, I don't think anybody thought he could score like this when he was coming off as the sixth man in OKC.

Nobody saw this, but we should have known, because I think he opened his career with what, two 40-point games or high 30s. First got to do that, so we were like OK, he might be on to something. But not this because over the last couple of years we've seen he and Russell, both, get two 50 point triple-double's, which was an anomaly because only Oscar Robinson and Wilt had done that before. But we're see an uptick in these high points, assist game, or triple-double games. But 60 in 11, Skip, that's a lot of points. We know James Harden can go get bucket. And it only took him 30 shots.

SKIP BAYLESS: 30 shots.

- Kobe, when he got 81, I think he took 46 shots.


- He's unbelievable. And the way he can draw fouls-- if you look at him, they going to call the foul on you. And you can go to the free throw line, and you going to make-- he was 17 of 18 last night.


- I thought this was a very special night. He locked up MVP, that's for sure. Unless LeBron James goes 22 and 3--


- --and 38 points, 10 rebounds, and six assists, it's over. James Harden won it.

- That holy terror up in Oklahoma City is going to make a run at this. Trust me, I know he had a bad night last night, but we got a long way home. He's going to make a run on, at averaging a triple-double, Russell Westbrook will. And he's going to keep lifting that franchise up, and up, and up. And you're going to say, well, Melo is not contributing that much, and Paul George is a good sidekick, maybe a little better sidekick than Oladipo, but--

- But he's an All-Star. Paul George is a All-Star.


- James Harden-- think about it. Now, he did this without Trevor Ariza. He did this without Chris Paul. Eric Gordon got hurt with about 10 minutes in. So he had to bring it home. He scored 60. The rest of his team has had 54 and six assists.


- He was 16, 11.

- I give you that he probably took the lead last night, for now. And I will give you this, he is a rare, offensive player.


- I've never seen anything quite like him before. He is a one man juggernaut.

- Yes.

- He can put on a one-man show, unlike anybody, this side of LeBron, when LeBron gets going.

- Yes.

- But in this case, this man, remember he's 6'5". And he has like effortless, gliding quickness. Would you say? He's quicker than you think because he's just gliding past.

- And he's got better handles. I don't think people realize how good his handles did, with that left hand, he's in and out, he's stepping back. Now, it'll be interesting now, we know Steph Curry and Klay can get it going. We saw Klay last year get 16 points in 29 minutes.

- 29 minutes.

- I don't know if he can get this assist total. I don't know-- because think about it, Skip, like I said, normally when a guy-- what did Kevin Durant say when Steph Curry had it going? Just get out of his way.


- Not only were they getting out of his way, he was putting them back in the way, he said, because when they send two to three at me, I will give you an easy dump-off so you can get the dunk, or the layup, or the wide open shot.


- But to get 60, I didn't think it was-- well, we saw Russ-- wasn't it the playoffs last year he got 57 and 14 and a triple-double? But for him to get it in 30 shots, he's special. He definitely-- we keep going by who are the top five. Man, I don't know how you keep James Harden out of that top five list, Skip. I don't.