Shannon and Skip discuss landing spots for QB Kirk Cousins

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In a discussion about QB Alex Smith's trade to the Washington Redskins, Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss Kirk Cousins and which team would be a good fit for him.

- The best fit for me, I think, was Jacksonville.

- It could be.

- Because they get Allen Robinson back.

- I don't disagree with that.

- They can the football.

- Yep.

- They have Hurns.

- Yep.

- Then second best pick for me, Skip? Arizona.

- It's a good one.

- Arizona.

- Now why aren't you going Denver?

- Denver-- Denver-- well, you don't know Emmanuel Sanders. It looks like they're going to move him. They got to pick up the option on DT, offensive line.

- Demaryius Thomas?

- Yeah, Demaryius Thomas. So--

- So the harder I look at Denver, and now it sounds like the secondary is starting to be broken up, right?


- Talib's going to be on the block, right?


- It almost feels like the window has closed on the Broncos. It's close.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, here's the thing. They're going to have to get a veteran quarterback, because I do not believe, with the way this team is constructed, Skip, that you're going to come in with a first year guy and all of a sudden say, you know what, we going to be playoff contenders. Everything has to go well. They have to go get someone that's a proving commodity to get them back, because the Bronc-- it's not good enough to win the division, Skip. They've done that.

- Listen.

SHANNON SHARPE: It's about championships.

- The Kirk Cousins I have observed closely over the years does not want great expectations heaped on his shoulder pads, and if he goes to Denver, it's John Elway and Peyton Manning's ghost that you've got to live up to. Right?

- You make $100 million. Oh, you got expectations, whether you want them or not.

- Whether you like it or not. But again, I like your Jacksonville idea. Although, they have said publicly, they're still committed to go forward with Blake Bortles.

SHANNON SHARPE: Is that why they took a knee with 55 seconds on the 25-yard line with two timeout.

- He just had wrist surgery on his right wrist. I didn't even know it was bothering him that much. But he still had a pretty good year.


- So I'm not going to be surprised if they do stick with him. The Vikings situation is interesting, because they have three quarterbacks and they have none right now.

- Right. Correct.

- So that's a possibility, but that defense got torched by Nick Foles, 38 to 7. I like Arizona as a possibility. I'm not going to rule out, for Kirk Cousins, the Browns because, to me, his under-confident, overachiever mentality fits with the Browns. Where if they would give him that-- whatever that money is--

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh, they have-- they have the ability to.

- They've got the money.


- I can see him saying, I'm going to commit to grow with the Browns. Then some of the pressure would be off.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, if you want to win right now, if Jimmy Haslam says, look here, you need to win. Well, they need to go get a veteran quarterback. You're not going to win right now, with that team, with a rookie quarterback-- Josh Allen, Darnold, whomever the quarterback you may choose in the first round. I would go get Kirk. I would get a veteran quarterback.

Seems to be Kirk's going to be the one of the only ones on the market, especially one that could probably-- that's been playoff experience, that's been a starter in this league. So for me, Kirk Cousins would look good-- would work well for Cleveland. But he's not going to have to wait very long to get that big payday.

SKIP: Mm. By the way, we have two producers in our control room right now who I think are sitting back saying, what about the Jets? So Shannon, what about the Jets?

- Well, that's-- that's--

- It's a possibility.

- --a very good possibility.

- Mhm.

- Now, the question is, does he take a little less money and go to the best fit? Or does he take max money and go-- he says, I just want the money and I can make it work. Because I believe Jacksonville and a few of these other teams might be better options than some of the teams that might offer him the most money. But throwing the ball to Josh Gordon wouldn't be a bad idea.

SKIP: Nope. You know what? My gut feeling is he'll wind up with the Browns.

SHANNON SHARPE: I got a feeling.

- Big money. Lower expectations. Josh Gordon. Again, Hue Jackson is a great quarterback coach.


- He's a great guy to be around.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yes. Hue knows some offense. And it's-- it's-- it's time. 1 and 31 is not going to get it done.

SKIP: Yeah.

- I don't believe Hue can have a similar type year. He's going to probably have to win seven, eight games in order to keep this job. And that's not asking a bit much. You've had two years, where they've cleaned out Sashi Brown and whomever that was making all these picks, letting these quarterbacks get away, because you could've had Carson Wentz. You could have had Deshaun Watson.

SKIP: Yep.

- You let those guys go. OK, fine. But now, it's time for you to step to the podium and say, you know what, guys? There's an expectation here. 5 and 11 is not going to get it done. 4 and 12. We need to be 500 in order to show some improvement to what we need to be and where we-- show my owner that we're heading in the right direction.