Skip Bayless questions why the Washington Redskins chose Alex Smith over Kirk Cousins

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In his discussion with Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless reacts to the Washington Redskins acquiring QB Alex Smith from Kansas City Chiefs in a reported four-year, 94 million contract.

- I'm going to speak first to you, Mr. Sharpe, as a long-time Cowboy fan, a lifelong Cowboy fan. I fear Alex Smith much more than I fear Kirk Cousins, or as his GM called him, Kurt Cousins. The reason I fear Alex Smith is, he's a much better Kirk Cousins. And he has rounded into an all-around quarterback later in his life. The longer he's played, the better he's gotten.

And I got to tell you, these last two years, albeit under Andy Reid's tutelage and guidance and play calling, he made the Pro Bowl two straight years. Kirk Cousins made any Pro Bowls? No. Huh?

SHANNON SHARPE: I think he may have [INAUDIBLE]. He made a few.

- OK, but again, is he-- is he that guy? Is he a franchise- face of the franchise quarterback? And again, Alex Smith has a stigma on him, but the more I look, the better gets at Alex Smith. Because this year, he set career highs in passing yards, touchdowns, yards per attempt.

And here's the key, he led the National Football League with nine 50-plus yard completions. That's extraordinary, because the guy you've called Checkdown Alex is Bombs Away Alex, now.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, but he throwing the ball to Tyreek Hill for five yards, and Tyreek Hill's racing 80 yards.

SKIP BAYLESS: Sometimes, and sometimes, they're bombs.

- And then, Travis Kelce.

- OK, but Travis Kelce-- and by the way, if Travis Kelce hadn't gotten hurt in the second quarter of the playoff game in Kansas City against Tennessee, I'm pretty sure Alex Smith would've gotten to go back to the scene of his quote, unquote, "crime" on opening Thursday night.


- Did he not throw a party on Tom Brady up there?


- And he was the best player on the field that night.

SHANNON SHARPE: No he wasn't. Kareem Hunt was.

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, come on.

- Remember what Kareem Hunt did?

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, but did you know what Alex Smith did? Did you remember some of those deep throws?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, he threw the ball.


- Remember, Kareem Hunt ran that seem route? Because Todd Gurley [INAUDIBLE] and said, hey, I saw Kareem Hunt. And he told the coach, you need to put that route in for me.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK, I got you. I mean, he had some new toys, some new weapons. But if I look back at his five seasons in Kansas City, he has the third best touchdown to interception ratio in football, next to-- just below Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

- Mm-hmm.

- He's 102 touchdown passes to 33 interceptions under Andy Reid. That'll get it done. That's pretty good. That means, also, that he had the third most wins over the last five seasons to Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.


- OK, that'll get it done. And if I look at his starting record-- and again, he was the first pick in the draft. And you kept looking for more, and there was less.


- But his starting record, Alex Smith in the National Football League is 88-62-1. Kirk Cousins is 26-30-1. So he's four games under 500 and the other guy's 26 games over 500. Well, what's not to like? I'm not saying to love about him, but what's not to like? I mean, you need to respect this man more than he gets.