Skip Bayless on the Los Angeles Clippers reportedly making a run at LeBron James

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss reports on the Los Angeles Clippers making trades to potentially make a run for Lebron James in free agency.

SKIP BAYLESS: Jerry West thinks big, big, big. He's probably thinking biggest. He's opened now one max spot. And I'm sure he has some designs on, some designs off.

SHANNON SHARPE: Stop it. Stop it.

- All in that-- when was he born? December--

- 30th, 1984.

- 1984, that guy from Akron.

- Her mom named her right, Glow. Because she knew she had a glow around her because she won't give birth at 84. Now, LeBron [INAUDIBLE] for what?

SKIP BAYLESS: OK, but he's going to say, look at our future versus their future. So it's going to be LA versus LA because LeBron has two houses in Brentwood, which is right down the street from--

- Let me get this right. So Jerry West pitched to LeBron. LeBron, check this out. This is how we're going to take down Golden State. It's going to be you, Patrick Beverley, Avery Bradley, Danilo Gallinari. That's how we're going to take them down. What? Man, Skip.

- But time out. The fact that they were able to get out from under the biggest ticket on their cap, Blake, now it makes it a little less likely that it would take anything back for DeAndre Jordan or Lou Williams.

SHANNON SHARPE: I don't know who it's gonna be. It's gonna be--

SKIP BAYLESS: Less likely. So maybe they would hang onto them to present to LeBron a better case. Look what we do have. Look what we do have.

- No, because first of all, DeAndre's a free agent.

- Mm-hm. So who's to say they can't--

- I mean, look at him.