Shannon Sharpe reveals how the Clippers won the Blake Griffin trade

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In a discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe explains why he thinks the Los Angeles Clippers won the trade to send Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons.

- So, Shannon, who won the trade?

- The Clippers won the trade. Um, Skip, their owner, Steve Ballmer, is the wealthiest owner in pro-sports. Worth an estimated $40 billion. So for him to pay this salary is nothing. For him to be in the luxury tax is nothing. But he probably went to Jerry West who's the GM, and says, hold on. Why am I going to pay $30-- average $35 million per year and be the eighth or the ninth seed? Possibly be in the luxury tax hell? Why am I doing this on a guy that has a history of being injured? Because when we look at this contract, Skip, and say another year, and they got another three, four years to paying Blake Griffin $100 plus million, are we going to say is this a bargain? Or how did they get away from this albatross? They saw what it-- they tried it. Chris Paul asked for a trade. They tried the Blake Griffin experience. And what was looking like they're going to be eighth or ninth seed. Makes no sense to me.

We knew DeAndre Jordan. We knew Lou Williams were on the block. I don't think anybody saw this. But if you ask me who won the trade, I'm going to take the Clippers for the simple fact they get rid of this huge, huge salary. Skip, do you know Blake Griffin, mid-range gain is worth than Ben Simmons, Jae Crowder, even Dwight Howard, are shooting better from the mid-range than Blake Griffin. And here's the thing is what we know about athletes. When they rely so much on athleticism-- and that's what Blake Griffin is, he's a freakish athlete-- and when that starts to wane, then what? Yeah, he hits an occasional three point shot. But everything, his whole game is based around athleticism.

I believe the Clippers won this trade. What it looks like to me, they want young players. They want draft picks. Because they're clearing out, and they're going to rebuild this thing from the bottom, Skip. And Blake Griffin was not going to challenge-- not getting close. They're not going to anywhere. They're not going to challenge the west. They're not beating Houston. They're not beating the Warriors, OKC or the Timberwolves. So what--and Steve Ballmer, they're like, what are we doing here? Why are we paying $35 million to be eighth, ninth, or the 10th seed. It makes no sense.

Now for Detroit, Skip, I don't what they were thinking. What? They're going to be the what? The fifth seed, the sixth seed. They're not going anywhere. Now granted. Blake used to playing with a big man. Played with DeAndre Jordan for a number of years. So he should find his niche right alongside Andre Drummond. But, they're not going anywhere with Blake. Blake Griffin is not a franchise changer. They do get the-- they do get the star player that they you know, maybe they want and they need in Detroit. But Blake Griffin's not going to change anybody's life in the NBA.