Shannon Sharpe on the Cleveland Cavaliers limiting Isaiah Thomas’ minutes

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Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss Isaiah Thomas and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- Skip, did you hear what he saying? He said you got like-- like Chris Paul and James Harden, like Isaiah and LeBron last year.

SKIP BAYLESS: You surprised?

SHANNON SHARPE: Him? Oh, no, Skip. I thought you were playing. He really sees himself as a superstar, don't he?

- Did you see the hat he had on? Did you see that giant three on his head? That's his number. That's how he sees himself, as a giant number three. Go ahead.

- Skip, you remember, I think it was Friday or Saturday. He said, I'm shouldering too much of the blame.

- Yep, he did.

- They were the worst defensive team per 100 possessions before I got back, and that was my fault. What I'm starting to see about Isaiah Thomas is that he wants to be treated as a superstar. He wants superstar praise.


- He wants superstar adulation. But he doesn't want superstar responsibility. He doesn't want superstar criticism.

SKIP BAYLESS: He wants the superstar pass.


- He's not going to get one now.

SHANNON SHARPE: No, of course not. What Isaiah fails to realize, that when you are a bad defensive basketball team, quick shots and turnovers are the last two things that you need. He keeps saying, Ty Lue put me in a situation to play to the best of my ability. Well, Ty Lue needs to put you in the situation that's going to play to the best what's going to help the team's ability.


SHANNON SHARPE: Look at Kyle Korver last night playing with LeBron James. Look at Channing Frye playing last night with LeBron James. Jeff Green playing with LeBron James. That's not an accident because LeBron James goes into a game trying to get guys shots. LeBron's like, I know I can get mine. So let me get Channing, let me get Kyle Korver. Because Kyle Korver still has the most, you know, three point shots made in the fourth quarter.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yup. Fourth Korver, right?

SHANNON SHARPE: That's what we call him. But look at his number since you know who has been back. Look at Kevin Love's nu-- people talking like, man, Kevin Love's terrible. Kevin Love is a 20-10 guy before somebody came back and started shooting everything.

- That's true.

- Yes, stagger the minutes. What Isaiah Thomas doesn't understand, Skip, Skip, I got bad news for him. He's not getting a $200 million contract. Skip, he's not going to get a max contract. And so he thinks by scoring-- the problem is, is that if he doesn't score those points, Skip, he adds no value. He's not going to rebound the ball. He's not going to play defense. Give him kudos yesterday. He dished out seven assists. But--

- He scored 10 in the third quarter.

SHANNON SHARPE: Third quarter.

- And guess then what happened. He played zero minutes in the fourth quarter.

- And look at the defense. They had LeBron on the court. They had Kyle Korver, who's not known for defense.

- Nope.

- Channing Frye, who's not known for defense. [INAUDIBLE].

SKIP BAYLESS: Guess what. Detroit, they scored 17 in the fourth quarter. That's good.

SHANNON SHARPE: 29%. 29% field goal percentage [INAUDIBLE] with those guys on the court. And the lead that was 4 ended up being what, Skip? 17. Ain't none of my business though, Joy. Y'all can do with this what you want to, Ty Lue. But I'm telling you, look at old [INAUDIBLE] LeBron. LeBron got 18 plus minus. Isaiah got 4. Yeah.

What he fails to realize, Skip, is not about what he did in Boston. Because what did he bring me here to do? Not to shoot? Isaiah, news flash. You're not compared to what you did in Boston last year.

- Nope.

- You're compared to Kyrie.

SKIP BAYLESS: That is correct.

- Those are the two pieces that were swapped. So that's what you compare to. And if you look at Kyrie, there are some nights he needs 40, he'll go get 40. There's some nights he only needs 18 to 20, and he'll go get that. Kyrie--

SKIP BAYLESS: Now you like Kyrie.

- Kyrie under--

- Uh-huh.

SHANNON SHARPE: I've always liked Kyrie.

- Well, but now you're applauding and lauding Kyrie.

SHANNON SHARPE: I've always--

- What he is.

- He's always been a [INAUDIBLE].

SKIP BAYLESS: Was he not special on Saturday night?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, he was special.

- And so was Steph.

- What you mean? Not just Saturday night. Skip, the man averaged 29 points last year-- a game last year in five NBA Finals games. We know what Kyrie Irving is.

- Well, he was UNC before.

- Yeah, he still--

- Now he's just Kyrie.


- But here's the thing though, Skip. That's what Isaiah doesn't understand. He keeps thinking that he needs to do what he did in Boston. Skip, tell me to play [INAUDIBLE] Boston last year, that's LeBron James. Dude.