Rob Parker on Barry Bonds: ‘That guy was a great player even before the alleged steroid use’

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Rob Parker joins Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Jay Taylor to discuss Barry Bonds for the sixth year in a row, refused entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

- Robbie, you're a Hall of Fame voter.

- Yes.

- So what's your stance on the stars in the steroid era getting into the Hall?

- First, I'll say this-- I'm still optimistic that they're going to make it. A lot of people are saying because the numbers didn't go up a lot--


- --but they didn't go down. Remember, Joe Morgan wrote that letter trying to get people to push back on it. He didn't mention Clemens and Bonds, but that's what that letter was all about.

- Correct.

- So their numbers didn't go down. They increased slightly. I believe before their 10 years are up, they will get there that. That writers will understand you can't tell baseball's story without those two guys. I'm talking about Clemens and Bonds.

OK. On my ballot, I have voted for guys-- I voted for Sheffield and Sosa, Clemens, Bonds-- they were on my list.

- The dark-skinned Sosa or the light-skinned Sosa?

- The dark-skinned one. That's the one who was hitting all the home runs, not the one that I'm seeing now. The other part is the steroids. I get it. People are bothered by it, but we already have guys who were linked to steroids in the Hall of Fame, right? Bagwell got in. Piazza's in. Pudge Rodriguez got in. He was in the Canseco book. He was in Texas with all those guys who they talked about. Canseco said that he used to inject Pudge. And, somehow, someway, Pudge got in and people just kind of looked the other way.

- As crazy as Canseco gets, you can't discredit--


- Like he's always been right. Yeah.

- He's been right. That book was right. It wasn't like crazy.

So all I'm saying is those guys somehow have gotten in, and yet they're still holding out two of the greatest players who ever played.

Here's my big rub and my biggest argument-- if it can't be-- it's either everybody's in or nobody's in. And what I mean is, if you look at that era, you're not asking the Yankees to turn back their championships during that era.

- Correct.

- You're not asking the Red Sox to give back their championships. You haven't given refunds to all the fans who went to the games and said, no, this doesn't work.

Barry Bonds, when you look in the record book, is the all time home-run king. So the numbers all count, right?

And then here's the kicker-- Joe Torre, Tony La Russa, had players who if you're saying helped benefit and helped them win, why are they in the Hall of Fame? Tony La Russa got in. Joe Torre got in.

So you can't just pick a handful of guys who say we're going to pile on you and you're going to be the brunt of it when everybody else was involved. The whole game was involved.

It's just an era. You talk about it was a steroid era. What went on? Who got busted? But you cannot deny-- you said this before, Skip. Barry Bonds is the greatest player I ever saw play. I don't know how anybody ever could watch baseball and not think that that guy was a great player even before the alleged steroid use.