Shannon reveals why LeBron James has reason to be upset regarding the Isaiah Thomas trade

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Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor discuss reports that LeBron James was upset when the Cleveland Cavaliers made the trade for Isaiah Thomas instead of Paul George or Eric Bledsoe.

- I believe it, because on any analytics, any metric that you use, Isaiah Thomas is not the player that Paul George is. And here's the problem with Isaiah-- and you've said this, and I've said this-- if he's not giving you 30 points, he's of no use to you. Because he can't rebound the basketball. He can't assist a basketball. And he couldn't guard a piggy bank with an AK. So what use is he if he can't give you 30 points?

He's playing 25 minutes a game, but getting up over 14 shots per game. That's the problem. Skip, the Cavs starting five, has the worst net rating of any five-man lineup out of 73 lineups that played 100 minutes. That's the worsts.

- Wait, it includes the best player on the planet. How's that possible. There are only five in the lineup.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah. Why isn't the best player lifting that lineup a little higher?

- Yeah, but Skip, I don't care. Even a strongest man's back gets weak when you got to carry something for a long, long period of time. Even a camel. They say even a straw can break the camel's back. You know where that saying comes from, Skip?

- Especially when the camel is old.

- This camel here got like four humps.

- But this camel we're talking about is running out of gas.

- You know what? This is my idea. There you go. See, every chance you get, LeBron has every right to be upset. Because I've tried, and he's trying to understand like, hold on. Wait a minute. We're getting a guy that's banged up. We don't know if and when he's going to be able to play. We don't know if and when he'll ever be the same player that we saw last year.

And you're going to trade a 25-year-old big shot maker, big shot taker, handles as good as anybody ever had. 25 points a night guy, for a 5 foot 9, injured, ball-dominant and if he'd not score in 28 to 30 he's of no use to you? What analytics, what metric did you use?

- Wait, you left out the linchpin piece of that deal.

- I don't get nothing about that Brooklyn-ass pick.

- I know you don't, but your owner does.

- Because here's the thing. I might not be here to play with it, so what use is it to me?

- That's what the owner is concerned about.

- I'll tell you what the owners should be concerned about. You might have that pick. You remember what happened last time I left. You had all those picks, you remember? Yeah, you stayed in the lottery. That's how you got Wiggins. That's how you got Bennett.

- Do you love Kyrie or not? Because they had Kyrie--

- Ah, but Skip, you know--

- You miss him now.

- You know why I love Kyrie. But Kyrie no longer wanted to be there. And LeBron was willing to try to work through anything. He was willing to fly to wherever Kyrie was, Timbuktu. Kyrie, I'm on my way, I got the G6 gassed up. We're on our way. But Kyrie was out Kyrie had his mind made up. He wanted a deal. So I don't know if LeBron could have got a face-to-face sit down with Kyrie. He could have persuaded him. But at least I know he was willing to try.

But for this? Look, Skip.

- Look at that picture.

- No, I don't want to look at it. You came out better and say, OK I take this one. You want Kyrie, give me a 10-pound bag of unsalted peanuts. Give me a candy apple and a box of Cracker Jacks. Because that's what they-- Skip, Skip, you're not winning the title with Isaiah Thomas. Skip, you're not.

- Wait, did you just predict they're just finished?

- We got to try moving.

- Can you win the East with that little man? Ooh, gotcha! Gotcha. I don't know. I think we got--

Shannons' lost Shannon's lost all faith.

- All faith.

- But I'm going to eat all these Reese's Pieces that's in this bowl right here.

- Interesting.

- Skip, you want, Skip, you watch it. Because even if you bring him in with the second unit, the second unit had a great rhythm. Have it, ooh, they have it going. But guess what? He comes in there, he's jacking up all the shots. Fourth Korver hasn't been the same since that joker stepped in the lineup.

- Fourth Korver?

- That's what we call him. He come in here, letting them threes, letting them threes go, Joy. He come into the lineup Kyle Korver don't even known what the basket look like. He can't get a shot up. He went for the ball. and Isaiah, he over there patting the rock. Falling down like he on a Slip-and-Slide. You saw him Tuesday night. Thought he had roller skates on the way he was falling down. Five times in a row coming down. Whoo, whoo, whoo!

- Maybe that hit not quite right.

SHANNON SHARPE: What am I supposed to do with that?

- And you knew it going in. You potentially are acquiring damaged goods. Danny Ainge admitted publicly the hip was a big part of why we moved him.

- Think about that, Skip. An even swap ain't no swindle. So if I give you a Ferrari, a brand-spanking new Ferrari, and you give me a Lamborghini, that ain't no swindle deal. But if I give you a brand-new Ferrari and you give me a beat-up pickup truck, that's a swindle. You swindled me. And Dan Gilbert. Let it happen. LeBron, I believe Dan Gilbert trying to sabotage you. Sabotage him. Ask for a trade. Say, I want to go to Houston Rockets.

- He just may be doing that right now. Behind closed doors, that could be happening.

- Yeah.