Shannon Sharpe predicts LeBron James will choose KD for the first pick of the All-Star draft

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe explains why LeBron James will choose Kevin Durant to join his NBA All-Star team.

- Well, you know, Joy, in going to school, Ds are never good. You never wanted to get a D. But in this case, it's very good. You take KD or you take a AD.

I believe he will take KD, because I believe he views Kevin Durant as the guy that's closest to him as far as greatness, as far as that pedestal. That pecking order, LeBron James, Kevin Durant. And he said he's trying to win the game.

He's not going to let his ego get in the way. Also, this is going to give him a head start, because you know he wants to be an owner. So we're going to see how good he can pick players.

- Oh, yeah.

- Yeah, yeah. Old 'Bron, Old 'Bron

- So if he owns his team, he's going to also operate his team?

- Yeah you've got to sign off on his skill.

- See Michael Jordan, see not good. Right?

- But see? That's what I keep telling you. LeBron does things a little different. LeBron's got to pick those players. LeBron knows how to get them.

JOY TAYLOR: We already picked the Cleveland team. It's working out.

- We ain't picked Kwame Brown. How'd that work out? He [INAUDIBLE].

- You know what? I will agree with that point. I believe LeBron would be a better chooser of talent than Michael.

- And a better basketball player, too.

- Because the greater you are, the worse you are at choosing talent. So Michael's up here--

- Stop, Skip!

- LeBron's down here. There is something to that theory. That the greater you are, you just can't see who can play, because you're just too good.

- You're judging everybody by your standards, so nobody--

- Hey, you should be able to be-- You should be able to do-- nope. They can't.

- You're exactly right.

- They can't do what you're doing.

- Skip, the thing is-- and I've seen so many people say, well, if you're so competitive, you know, you wouldn't, you know, you wouldn't take Kevin Durant. What sense does that make? I mean, look, Golden State should've said, no, KD, you stay in Oklahoma City. We don't want to be-- we want to beat you. We want to compete against you.

You go to the blacktop, Skip. What do they do? They try to get the best five guys.

They don't say, oh, man, you're too good. I can't play with you. You try to get the best five guys. LeBron James will try to pick the best starting five, and then he's going to pick five more.

No, he don't do it. We're going to have some nice little lineups. You're going to be upset, because we're going to blow the [INAUDIBLE] off Steph Curry, because we're going to get KD.

And that means he's going to have-- Steph Curry's going to have to get AD. Well, he might get James Harden to boogie [INAUDIBLE]. But I'll bet not.

And either way, we're going to get Giannis. So we're going to get Giannis. We're going to have big, tall lineup. Big, tall one.

And you know it, and you hate it. I don't know why would he pick Kevin Durant. The guy that passed him, he shot that shot right in his eye.

- Wait. Joy, have I spoken yet?

- 'Cause I know you.

- I haven't said a word.

- You OK. Don't say it, then

- Huh. Interesting.