Skip Bayless reacts to a potential Belichick and Brady rift

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In a discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless talks about the potential rift between New England's Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

- And I'm going to remind you that the flashpoint of this crisis came when it was made public, I guess by Brady, that he FaceTimed-- no, Kraft said it. He said it. He said it on Saturday night.

And I'm sure that got immediately back to the head coach, who did not love the fact that the owner is saying publicly on Saturday night, on some Patriots Live or something-- you know, whatever, some Patriots' show-- that Tom Brady-- his quote, unquote, "son"-- Facetimed him while he was in a restaurant-- I think they were in Fort Lauderdale. He was just taking a little winter break from Boston weather. And he takes the Facetime. And I'm sure at that point-- this was Wednesday evening-- that he just held his hand up and said, look what I got. And what did--

- You remember Eric Dickerson sat right here and said, when they was in Israel, Tom Brady will Facetime Mr. Kraft.

- In Israel. OK. So Mr. Kraft said, he immediately scrapped the rest of his vacation.

SHANNON SHARPE: I ain't even hungry anymore.

- Yeah, I'm going home. And he took-- he didn't take the next flight because he was-- he had his own flight, right.


- Back to Boston, back to Foxborough to check out his son, Tom Brady, just to make sure it was going to be OK.

SHANNON SHARPE: Probably going over to Tom's house in the middle of the night.

- He probably did. So I agree with you. Bill Belichick lost a power struggle effectively with his quarterback. Bill Belichick intended this year, as you and I talk about all off-season, to be Tom's swansong with the Patriots. Now Tom could go on and try to end it elsewhere.


- But all of a sudden, Coach Belichick had his own son named Jimmy Garoppolo, who he was treating like a son. I think that kid really got to Belichick.


- I think he really loved him on and off the field and still does.

SHANNON SHARPE: He praises on him.

- Oh, did he, woo. And he did not want to give him up. He picked him in the second round, diamond in the rough. Here we go into one last hurrah with the Patriots for Belichick under Jimmy G.

See if he could go win a Super Bowl with Jimmy G, which he clearly thought he could do. But Mr. Kraft said, no, you will trade Jimmy Garoppolo before the deadline. And he-- again, I'm going to contend, till death do us part, that I think he sabotaged the Patriots going forward. He just gave him away to another guy he likes, a young man named Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco.

Do you like Jimmy Garoppolo for only a second round pick? Could have gotten a lot more, sabotaged Mr. Kraft and son going forward. And here we are, and that led to this.

So to me, this is like open warfare. It's between the lines, but it's open warfare. I've never seen anything like this.

- No.

- And I'm surprised more people aren't saying, what is going on here? Because Belichick is coming across to me like a typical Brady "hater." And I put quotes around "hater." But a little bit like a Shannon Sharpe, not that you're a Brady hater, but you'd be the first to try to discount a little bit, discredit a little bit, try to undercut, try to disqualify just a little bit. OK.

He's gotten enough praise in his career. Let's not heap any more praise on him. That's the way Belichick came across. And the line-- the flashpoint line is that Joy read, I think it was more of a media circus than a football crisis.

So let's step back for a second. On the eve of the AFC Championship game, the Wednesday practice, a freak accident occurs to the quarterback that most of us agree is the greatest quarterback of all time. He is the biggest reason that you have-- that you can overcome the Jacksonville defense is Tom Brady because I don't think Brian Hoyer is going to be able to get that done. OK. I don't think so, right.


- And the freak accident is a laceration that initially looks like a thumb injury that could be ligament damage. It could be badly sprained. It could be fractured.

It could be a lot of things. But they they dodge that, but it was lacerated on the inside of his thumb. And it required-- whatever-- 12, 10-plus stitches, let's go with 10-plus.

SHANNON SHARPE: 10 plus two.

- OK, 10 plus two. And could we just for a second see the picture of that thumb on Sunday? I just want to get it-- again, I'm not trying to overstate this. But the thumb is clearly swollen. Wouldn't you agree at the base of the thumb, it's swollen?

SHANNON SHARPE: Because he's got little fat fingers. Maybe they're just fat, Joy. I don't know.

- I don't think Tom Brady has any fat on him at all. His thumb is swollen. And, again, I opened the show yesterday.

Until you brought it up, I didn't bring it up because it became irrelevant to the game because it worked. But let's think about this. In the sport of football, there is one skill, and that is the accuracy and touch with which you throw a football, that is close as anything in the sport of football-- your sport-- to an art form.


- It requires finesse, right. It requires a delicate sort of grip, where everything's in place. And if anything in that grip is slightly off, if the ball is coming out slight-- like, like a quarter of an inch different than usual, well, five yards down the field or 50 yards down the field, it's going to be way off target, right. It's like hitting a golf shot. If you miss it by a, you know, a tenth of an inch, it's going to be 20 yards right, right.

SHANNON SHARPE: Like a pitcher with a blister on his pitching finger.

SKIP BAYLESS: All right, same thing, where it just won't work. And you get discouraged and certainly under AFC Championship game pressure and under the Jacksonville rush, bad things can happen.


- Because if you do have whatever stitches-- 10-plus, 12 stitches-- if you put your hands under center, and you catch it wrong on the bandage that's across it, could it split? Could one of the stitches snap? Could it start to bleed? Could you have a sticky grip because it's bleeding while you're trying to throw, and so the ball's coming out funky?

I don't know. It's scary. So it led Tom Brady to say on his radio show-- they had like dueling radio shows yesterday-- I wasn't sure. I really wasn't.

Well, how could he be on Wednesday and Thursday? How could you be sure how you're going to be able to handle a football under pressure with stitches in your hand? And as he said, we were lucky because nothing was broken, or there was no ligament damage.

He says, it was pretty stressful. I was stressed out. Well, who wouldn't be stressed out? You're a quarterback playing against that defense, and you missed one day of practice. And you're just unsure of your grip.

Well, isn't that-- again, I'm not trying to overcredit Tom Brady. I'm not trying to create a new storyline, an oh my god, did you see what he pulled off? I'm just saying, the reality was that was a football crisis. Seriously, it's your quarterback.