Shannon Sharpe on Paul Pierce saying that Boston only wanted to honor Isaiah Thomas due to ‘guilt’

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During his conversation with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reacts to Paul Pierce saying that the Boston Celtics only wanted to honor Isaiah Thomas because of the 'guilt' surrounding the optics of IT's trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving.

JOY TAYLOR: It's guilt, that's what it is. And Isaiah Thomas tweeted yesterday that he no longer wants a video tribute on February 11 because of all the controversy. [LAUGHS] Shannon, what's your take?

- Skip!


- Does Paul Pierce want them to cancel school, too? Should they have a parade before the ceremony?

SKIP BAYLESS: Tell me when it's my turn.

- Paul, I agree. Paul should have this night to himself. But he can't say that. Now he looks so petty. First of all, why you out here dry snitching snitchsnit everybody? Why you talking to KG? What KG got to do with this? KG is known as a Minnesota Timberwolf. Let him talk about that. You know, oh, I talked to my mom. Really, Paul?

The people in Boston love Isaiah Thomas. You know why? Because he's the common guy. He's 5' 9". He's more relatable than a 6' 8" guy. so--

SKIP BAYLESS: No, he's not. No, sorry.

- So-- hold on.

SKIP BAYLESS: Go ahead, keep going.

- Just for the sake of-- you don't think people can identify more with Isaiah Thomas than Paul Pierce?

SKIP BAYLESS: Mm mm, not after what Paul did for that franchise.

- Skip, It's not about what he did. When you see Isaiah, the average male in America is 5' 9" tall, Isaiah Thomas plays professional basketball at 5' 9" tall. They don't rel-- Skip, people like-- we like that we seem relatable to, a guy that I can have a beer to. That's what Peyton Manning seems more relatable than Tom Brady.


- Because Peyton Manning seems like a guy I can have a beer with, that he would shuck and jive with you. You see him on SNL, you see him in his commercial, you like, you know what? Peyton Manning all right.

Plus the fact the man played a game a day at his sister was tragically killed in an accident. People can empathize with that, even if you don't think he's relatable to you. Even if you say you know what, I don't have anything in common with Isaiah Thomas, the mere fact that a man suffered a horrible, horrific loss, and he was willing to go lace it up for their team, that ingratiated himself.

No, he didn't win a championship. Paul Pierce did. But Paul Pierce making it seem like he Kobe, like he Jordan or LeBron. Bro, pump the brakes for a second. You a all-time good-- all-time great in Celtics lore, but let's be real, Skip Bayless, while you loving on Paul Pierce, and rightfully so--

SKIP BAYLESS: I haven't said a word yet.

- Yeah, you have.


- But he's not even a top 10 Celtic, why you bumping him?


- Now I'm done with it.