Skip Bayless reacts to Anthony Davis’ 45-point performance vs Boston

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss Anthony Davis dominate performance in the Pelicans' 116-113 overtime win against Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics last night.

- Guess what? Kyrie Irving-- here's a little stat for you. Just in over time in his career, Kyrie Irving, from the free throw line, is 50 of 53. That's insanely good, sort of like LeBron from the-- no, it's not like LeBron from the free throw line.

- Hold up. No, no, no, why is he not 50-- so you mean to tell me that one of the misses came last night, huh?

- Yep.

- What about--

- He missed one, 50 of 53.

- What about that missed layup?

- Yep.

- So what do you do with layups?

- There were layups that he got fouled. He got knocked on his--

- Did they call it?

- --back.

- Did they call it?

- Nope, they did not call it.

- OK, then he didn't get fouled.

- They weren't calling anything.

- Exactly.

- He got no calls last night.

- OK, that's what should happen.

- So now, back to the Boston Celtics. They're not the biggest team in basketball. They have a hard time with these two guys, because everybody's going to have a hard time with these two guys. Because you do have Aron Baynes and you put him on DeMarcus.

- Yep.

- And they bang bodies all game. And he did an OK job, because DeMarcus didn't go off last night.

- He didn't shoot well, 19 and 15.

- Not bad, but not great. But he got his 15 boards.


- So now, you're stuck with Al Horford guarding that other guy. And he is unguardable.

SHANNON SHARPE: But no, no, no, no.


- Al Horford is a top 10 defensive guy.

SKIP BAYLESS: He is. He is against everybody else. But this guy just might be the most unguardable player in basketball, in basketball, when he's got it going. And he doesn't always have it going, but he had 45 and 16 last night. And I just kept sitting back saying, that's just too good. That's unstoppable. What he's got-- when he's making three-- he didn't make a bunch threes last night, but he's making two-point jump shots--

SHANNON SHARPE: But he's making a step-- when he pulls up, stepping back, and pull [INAUDIBLE].

- Come on. I mean, that's just so outrageously good. And still it took them over time. And they were hitting on every cylinder last night.

- Oh, but what about a-- what about the Celtics, Joy? They put up 53 and they made 18 of them. Huh? Come on, now, Skip. [INAUDIBLE] I mean, I'm trying to--

- Anthony Davis was unstoppable.

SHANNON SHARPE: And let me tell-- and let me tell you how--

- He basically won the game by himself.