Shannon Sharpe on Pelicans’ Davis and Cousins: ‘It’ll be a dog fight dealing with this team because of these two’

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Shannon Sharpe talks about the New Orleans Pelicans after Anthony Davis scored 45 points and 16 rebounds in a 116-113 overtime win vs Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics last night.

- Joy, I know the number one defensive team in basketball league about 116 points. To the Pelicans? The sixth-- right now, they're the sixth seat in the West?

- In overtime. It's overtime.

- Hold on.

- They got an extra session there, you know.

- Hold on a second, Skip, I'm just trying to talk to you.

So they had 104 points in regulation. Is that good? Is 104 points in regulation against the number one defensive team--

- Is Anthony Davis good?

- I-- what's that got--

- Is he good?

- Oh, so you only the number one defensive team if you don't play good. Oh, I got it-- but let me make my point.

- Tell me when it's my turn.

- It's not your turn, she said, Shannon, what do you make of this? Shannon?

- Well, you're obviously making a bad point already.

- Didn't say nothing about Skip.

- But that's OK.

- Shannon. What it tells me is that the Pelicans can play really with anyone, I think, with the exception of the Warriors. When they step on the court, Skip, they have two of the three best players, whoever they play, unless it's the Warriors. And then they got maybe three and four, or maybe two and four. So-- because Anthony Davis is-- it's funny, Skip, Kentucky got the three best big men in basketball. Boogie Cousins, Anthony Davis and Karl-Anthony Towns. I don't think there's any question about that. Those three, I mean--

- That'll win you some games at Kentucky.

- And how he only has one national championship with all those number one-- that's neither here nor there.

Skip, here's the thing. We know what Boogie and Anthony Davis represent. So pencil them in every single night for 50 and-- for 50 points, 25 rebounds.

Now, if you tick them off and they get going, pencil them in for 60 and 30.

The question is, where are they going to consistently get that third scoring option from? Now, Holiday came to play last night.

- Oh, did he?

- He-- in the fourth quarter and overtime, he got it going. Cause these two big guys, they're unstoppable. They play conventional. Everybody else has gone away from the conventional two bigs. A true five-- I mean-- but neither one of these guys are true five, they're all like stretch 4.

But Anthony Davis, once he got that three point range to his game, he always was good around the basket. He got the midrange game. Now, he stepped it out to the three point line. He's a good free throw shooter and you know he can protect the rim. He can block shot, he can defend.

Boogie Cousins, fundamentally sound, got great footwork. He stepped out to the three point range, midrange. Now, he's not the defender per se, he does have-- average about one and 1/2 blocks a game.

But the third option [INAUDIBLE] when you're dealing with the Warriors, you know it's difficult, you got to match KT and Steph. OK. But then they still got that solid guy over there that doesn't get a whole lot of attention, but he can shoot the basketball. That's-- that's our Klay Thompson.

So who are you going to be-- who's going to be your third option? They got that last night, Skip. Skip, they-- ooh, ooh, man, you look at Anthony Davis over his last three games, 43 and 14. Take it back another game, he's 39 and 13. So he's good. We've seen Boogie go for 40 and 20. So we-- the two bigs are special. 50/25 on a nightly basis.

But the third option, now, they got-- last night they got Holiday, and Clark gave them some quality minutes. Sometimes E'Twaun Moore shows up.

But, Skip, they can scare a lot of people. Now, I don't know if they can beat the Warriors in seven, but they going to scare the hill out of every-- I mean, everybody else will have a dog fight dealing with this team because of these two bigs.