Skip Bayless on Tom Brady: ‘He’s as cold-blooded a killer on the football field as Michael Jordan was on the basketball court’

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In his reaction to Jalen Ramsey trash talking ahead of the Jaguars - Patriots matchup, Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why the rookie corner for Jacksonville should not provoke Tom Brady, detailing that New England's QB has the same cold-blooded, killer instinct as Michael Jordan.

- I want to be very clear about what I'm about to say. I have nothing but the highest respect from Jalen Ramsey. From Nashville, Tennessee, home of the best school in America, Vanderbilt University, but he chose to leave Nashville and go south to Tallahassee and he went to Florida State.

SHANNON SHARPE: He probably wouldn't have even been in the league if he went to Vanderbilt.

- He would be. They've got a lot of players from Vanderbilt. They're all over-- in fact, Adam Butler's an emerging star for the Patriots, pass rush. You'll see him next Sunday.

Jalen Ramsey became the first true freshmen to start at cornerback for the Florida State Seminoles since Deion Sanders. So he's got Deion potential. He's got a ways to go, but he's got potential. Because I looked at his combine numbers, he ran 4.4. Not quite as fast as Deion, who was all time--

- But for his size, that's booking.

- Yeah, 6' 1", 209, and as Jim Moore was saying yesterday, long--

SHANNON SHARPE: Long limbed.

- --big. He just looks big.


- And he plays bigger. So I get all that. So to your point, I think saying what he said will only help him. In and of himself, it will fuel him the way it would have fueled Shannon Sharpe.


- But I believe it will hurt his football team, which is why his coach, panicking yesterday, was trying to walk it back a little bit, undercut it a little bit, bring it back down to rational levels. Well we understand, you know, he was just playing to the crowd, blah, blah, blah. Because I'm going to say this one more time. There is one man in sports right now you do not mess with, and it's that guy up in Foxborough who is Michael Jordan in a very different, extremely misleading package. Because Tom Brady comes off as gee whiz, aw shucks. He's the good, nice dad down the street who posts lame, silly pictures of his kids--

- Oh guys, gosh.

- --on Facebook and Instagram. And you're like, who is this guy?

- Throwing up leaves in the backyard. You see him Joy.

- Yep.

- Why they do that?

- This guy is looking for, a la Michael Jeffrey Jordan, the slightest bit of motivation to allow him to unleash his inner psycho Tom. This guy is as cold blooded a killer on the football field as Michael Jordan was on the basketball court. It's just hard to process that because he looks-- he doesn't look the part. Michael looked the part. He doesn't look the part.

And you can laugh at him or you can ridicule him or you can scoff at him, but you cannot deny those rings. You cannot deny his clutch performances on the biggest stage--

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh, he's big time.

- --in the sport. And he's one sleeping dog that you need to let lie. You just don't need to rattle that cage of his before these games.

SHANNON SHARPE: Wake him up.

- Huh, wake him up?

SHANNON SHARPE: Wake him up. Get up.

- And I'm going to take what I said yesterday to one more level. Again, Jacksonville was ahead 21 to 0. But the final score was 45 to 42. So the Pittsburgh Steelers did score 42 points on this defense. And you can-- Jim Moore again yesterday and you were amplifying the point about empty yards, empty-- you know, empty yards.

So Ben ends up throwing for 469 yards. They pile up 545 yards. And if you just said empty, empty, empty, I'd say OK. But it wasn't 42 empty points. The points are the points. They go up on the scoreboard. So you can't disqualify the points. You can't rationalize the points. It was 42 points. So I'm looking at that front four and I told you, the shock of the weekend to me was that "Sacks-on-ville" couldn't get a lot of pressure on Ben.

And I'm saying, OK, we go back to the first Eli Super Bowl over Brady, and that was Strahan and Umenyiora and Justin Tuck. That's some bad stuff coming at you. And they were veteran pass rushers. They were savvy and they were nasty, all three of them. I know all three of them, and they were coming. That was their peak performance that day.

And then we get back to the 2000 Ravens. If you gave a Ray Lewis defense a 21 to 0 lead at Pittsburgh, I promise you this wouldn't have happened. It just wouldn't, I'm sorry. So as much as I respect Jalen Ramsey, I've got to say, I'm not totally-- I'm not as sold as you are on the unit.