Shannon Sharpe reacts to Kevin Durant’s performance in the Warriors’ win over the Cavs

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In his conversation with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reacts to Kevin Durant's performance in the Golden State Warriors' win over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- You need seasoned players to compete with them. You need somebody that's ready to compete right now. Not two years from now, not three years from now. You need somebody that's ready to go to battle currently. Because that's what Golden State-- Skip, people look at-- Golden State was five years in the making before Steve Kerr came in. Mark Jackson had already laid the foundation. Guys, we got to play D. So they were already had that mind set. And so now, Skip, look, if they didn't-- man, that 7-foot guy right there, that 35, he's a different animal, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: He's something.

- It's not fair that you've got two-- I mean, think about it. I don't know if we've ever seen this. Not in their prime. Maybe Shaq and Kobe.

SKIP BAYLESS: And by the way, just-- I'm not rubbing this in or piling it on. But in the first half, LeBron made a business decision, and he just turned away from a Kevin-- if we could see that quickly-- a Kevin Durant dunk. And I don't blame him because this guy is a monster. Full head of steam.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, you can't stop-- what was he supposed to do?

SKIP BAYLESS: I'm not interested.

SHANNON SHARPE: But hold on--

SKIP BAYLESS: I'm not interested.

- But what did he do-- oh, you remember when KD went to the rim? What did he do to KD?

- But you could hard foul him. He blocked him. No no, don't just talk about-- so was it a bicycle for two? Or was it just him then?

SKIP BAYLESS: Which one?

- You know which one, when Kevin Durant went to the rim. Kevin Durant was invited to a hen party. He showed up with apple juice, and Lebron said, get that weak stuff out my house! Look at-- oh, my goodness!

- Kind of a blind side Lebron--

- No, Skip, don't do that.

SKIP BAYLESS: He didn't see it.

- Of course not. Was it a bicycle built for two?

SKIP BAYLESS: No, that wasn't It wasn't a fast break.

- And why Steph Curry-- why does Steph keep--

- But wait a second. You're ignoring the fact that LeBron just turned away from it. He walked out of the potential poster on Kevin Durant. And--

- Lebron got four posters last night. You see all those alley-oops?

SKIP BAYLESS: OK, but he could have just said, you know what? It's my house, I'm going to take him down. I'm going to take him down.

SHANNON SHARPE: No, no no no. Look, you either file in before he gets ready to take off, because only bad things can happen. And I know LeBron James. LeBron James is not going to hard foul somebody and risk injury to someone's career. Because he wouldn't want anyone to do it to--

SKIP BAYLESS: Or to himself in this case.

- When has LeBron ever been injured? I mean, he stepped on the guy there. You saw him rebound. He stepped on the guy's ankle.

SKIP BAYLESS: Stepped on a guy's ankle, and I thought he's going to have a hard time. I don't know.

SHANNON SHARPE: LeBron's got them elephant ankles. They're, like, this big around.

SKIP BAYLESS: He's Iron Man.

- But Skip, the way they construct it right now, somebody got their hands full. I mean, let's be real. Skip, they're a all-star team.

SKIP BAYLESS: You got to face this. They're not going to trade that pick unless LeBron commits for the next couple years.

SHANNON SHARPE: They're trading something.

- What? Shumpert? Like, come on, what? I don't know.

SHANNON SHARPE: Shump, Tristan, JR, and I'll pick.

SKIP BAYLESS: Nobody cares. It's not good enough. They're just guys now.

- Yeah, I know. But y'all-- Skip, they're not going to be able to trade-- I mean, they are not going to be able to resign DeAndre. He want out. He want to go somewhere where he could at least contend for a title. You know, you got LeBron, you're going to at least contend. It's looking bleak right now--

- It's looking bleak.

- It's looking bleak. But I see hope. You know what yesterday was. You know what yesterday was, Skip. That man said he have a dream.

- Well, yeah, I hope you do.

- I got a dream.

- They host Orlando on Thursday. The Magic beat the Cavs earlier this season in Cleveland.

- Who we got? Who we play?

- Magic.

- At home?

- Yes.

- We got--

- You got that.

- We got that.

- I'm betting no [INAUDIBLE].

- Hey, we got the Thunder too. We gonna get the Thunder. Don't we got the Thunder this week, too? We got the Thunder at some point. Oh, we gonna get them too.

- Thunder a little-- they're about as shaky as you guys.

- No, no, no. I'm going to get my due back on the Thunder.