Shannon Sharpe on Cavs’ loss to Golden State: ‘I hate to admit it… The Warriors have too much firepower’

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Reflecting on the Cleveland Cavaliers' loss to the Golden State Warriors, Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor what makes Kevin Durant and Steph Curry's squad this year so much more formidable than LeBron James' Cavs.

- Shannon, what was your takeaway from last night's game?


- I hate to admit it, but I'm resigned to the fact the Warriors currently have too much firepower for the Cavaliers. And the big four comes at you in waves. And you try to stand, and you try to stand, and you will stand as long as you can, but eventually, you get swept out to sea. Skip, if you look at LeBron in the first quarter, I mean, he's going off. He goes and goes for 16 in the first quarter.

They scored 37 points, but they only up 2. KD is easy. Steph Curry is not doing much. Klay Thompson goes off for 13. So you got the big two not doing a whole lot, but Klay keeps them in contact.

Second quarter, LeBron ends up-- I think he ends up with 20 points in the first half.


- They're playing well. But because LeBron has exerted so much just to keep the Cavs in the lead or keep the Cavs in the ball game, KD's chilling. Then come third quarter. KD goes off for 16. Steph Curry finds his range. And now, OK, you go and start the fourth quarter. It's a two-point ball game.

This is what's so amazing about the Golden State Warriors. They get separation from the Cavaliers with KD and Steph Curry on the bench. When you can do that, when you can take two of the top five players in the NBA, and you can sit them down for three, four, five minutes, and your second unit can come in and get distance, you're going to be hard to beat.

And once, in the likelihood of all four of these guys having off-nights, yeah, it happens every once in a while. Then, one night, the team just shoots the ball exceptionally well and there's nothing they can do about that. But when you have KD playing like he's playing, Steph still can get hot any time, you've got three guys, really, on a given night that can go get 35, 40 in the blink of an eye. And then, you got that utility man. There's nothing that Draymond can't do. 16 rebounds, a game high, 11 points, 9 assists, he can do everything. He can defend.

And so that's what they're up against, Skip. And looking at this, unless something drastically happens, they're going to have to make a move. And I'm not surprised that this report that Joy and [INAUDIBLE], I'm not surprised it came out. And that had to be someone that had been on the team for all this. Because Jeff Green wouldn't know D Wade. So it had to be someone that said this that was on the team in the years past, Skip, that said, this is not easily as fixable as before. Because these guys wouldn't know what the fixes were in years before.

Isaiah is trying to find his rhythm. He took 21 shots last night. He takes a lot of bad shots. In Isaiah's mind, he's Isaiah Thomas. Skip, he doesn't have that explosiveness. I mean, there's a couple of shots he missed point blank. And it's affecting Kevin Love, that's who it's affecting the most, because Kevin Love is shooting 33% with Isaiah Thomas on the floor.

SKIP BAYLESS: I thought for a while Kevin Love was rolling.

SHANNON SHARPE: He was playing well and then he got in foul trouble and he had to come out. And so that hurt the rhythm. But looking at Golden State, they just have too much firepower. And it is hard for me to wave the white flag.

- That's it? You're waving it?

- No, hold on, Skip! I'm waving it temporarily.

- Is that a flag?

- Of course, it's up. We're here.

- How do you temporarily do it?

- Oh, temporarily--

- That's surrender.

- I'm calling a cease fire. Cease fire.

- Oh, you want a cease fire.

- I want a cease fire.

- I don't think Golden State's going for a cease fire. They'll let you surrender, but they won't cease fire.

- Oh, this is what I want, Skip. Until I know Cleveland, because they don't have any assurances what LeBron is going to do, but unless they move that pick, unless they bring in-- for me, Skip, I would rather have DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams, than Boogie Cousins. Because they got to have a rim protector. They've got to have somebody that can wipe away some shots, that once the first defender is beaten. Because right now, once the first defenders got beat, it's a layup. And that's not good enough.

So they played well. You knew the Cavaliers were going to play hard. Because the Golden State Warriors are a lot like the Patriots. If you don't play your best ball game, they get to blow you out. They're going embarrass you. They come into your building or you go to their building, they're trying to embarrass you. And the Cavaliers didn't want to get embarrassed. And they played really, really well for about 3/4. But after that, Golden State stepped on the gas, and all the Cavs would see was tail lights.