Skip Bayless thinks David Fizdale would be a great fit with the Lakers

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Skip Bayless talks LaVar Ball, Luke Walton and the Lakers. Is Los Angeles looking to replace their current coach with David Fizdale?

- So, I quote, Brian Windhorst is saying, whatever you want to say about LaVar Ball, he smoked out the fact that the Lakers do not support Luke Walton. I've said on this show, I'm not the biggest Luke fan. I don't love the way he's coached this team so far. Obviously, I'm a Lonzo fan, so maybe I'm a little biased in my perspective. I'll be the first to admit. But Mr. Windhorst is saying that he has spoken to many people around the NBA from coaches, to executives, to just insiders, and again and again, he keeps hearing open conversation about, wonder who the Lakers are going to hire to replace Luke Walton? And the name that keeps popping up is one David Fizdale.

You know Fiz from those years in Miami. LeBron obviously knows Fiz from his four years in Miami. I've always been a big fan of coach Fizdale. I was shocked that he was fired so quickly in Memphis. I didn't think he deserved it. But he got sideways with his star, Marc Gasol. And we both said, wow. That was quick. But--

- [INAUDIBLE] make the playoffs.

- And coached his tail off against my San Antonio Spurs. They took him to six. And they were nail biters, down to the wire each time. So he's on the market. He's from Los Angeles. Went to Fremont high school right here in LA. And I think he'd be a great fit in Los Angeles. And yet, the X factor here, as you point out, Joy, is Jeanie Buss. So she is an owner of the Lakers. Principle primary owner of the Lakers. But we haven't heard anything from one Magic Johnson, who is the new president of the Lakers. So I ask, who has veto power? Who has final say? I'm-- silly me-- I'm going to hope it's Magic, the new president. But I don't know that for a fact.

So now, in the last couple of weeks, Jeanie has gone out of her way to tweet, hashtag in Luke we trust. And clearly, she enjoys Luke's company. They like to go to dinner. And she puts the picture of her and the new GM, Rob Pelinka, along with Luke, and they're all looking forward to have barbecue in Memphis. I get all that. Luke's a great guy. But is he the right coach for this team? Could I make a case that LeBron would at least be a little more interested in the Lakers if David Fizdale were the coach going into next year? Maybe. Maybe. So the Lakers, obviously, have won four in a row, but, I would say, against highly questionable competition. Because it's been Atlanta, Sacramento, the Spurs second team, and now Dallas was probably the most impressive win in overtime.

But I think the fact remains. I think we're back to LaVar Ball once again. Whatever you think of him, there's always truth in what he says. And I think there's a lot of truth. Maybe it's just coming from his son. Maybe it's coming from inside the locker room. It doesn't do his son much good to blurt the truth publicly. But is there truth to the fact there's some friction between locker room and Luke Walton? Yes. I think there is a fact that that's happening. Would David Fizdale be interested in this job? Boy, I think he'd be great for this job.