Skip Bayless on Cavaliers coach’s comment: ‘get rid of agendas’ after blowout loss

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In a discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless talks about LeBron James, and the Cleveland Cavaliers 133-99 loss to the Toronto Raptors. Also, Skip discusses Tyronn Lue's comments of agendas on the team.

- Is it about time? Because it was just about this time last year at New Orleans-- it was just before we went to the Super Bowl. Remember this? I don't have enough help! I don't have enough help! Remember the LeBron speech? It's about time for, I don't have enough help, right? Yeah, so you're making it for him already.

- So let me ask you this, Skip. You like the way Isaiah, you like the way Kevin Love, JR, and Jae Crowder's playing. You're telling me that the way they're playing right now-- that's on LeBron?

- I didn't love Isaiah when they acquired him. And I've been consistent about that. He's not going to help that much-- obviously, none on defense. He might subtract from what has become the worst defense in pro basketball. This is worse than Sacramento's defense. I'm sorry. Because to your point--

- Statistically, they're not.

- No, but--

- But they are.

- --three straight games of 127 or more?

- Yes.

- And last night was just the all-time debacle, where it's just over from the start. You could just see it. And silly me-- I really thought, because LeBron has owned that team in the postseason-- and if you subtract Kyle Lowry, as you point out, and Ibaka, it just should be a walk-over for LeBron and company. And obviously, he needs some help. But to go into Toronto and just get obliterated from the tip-off, where it was just over right away-- didn't you just see?


- It's over.


- They don't want to play tonight. And Toronto really, really wanted to play. And the stunning stat to me was, Toronto's bench-- which is much higher than it was last year-- which makes them a little more viable this year-- it outscored Cleveland's bench 76 to 48. That's almost 30 right there.


- OK? So--

- But you would take that from our bench. We'll take 48 points. If you get 48 points from your bench on a nightly basis, Skip-- I guarantee you, every team in the NBA would take that.

- Yeah.

- But you can't give up 73 to the other team's bench.

- [SIGHS] You cannot. And you can't get out-rebounded 63 to 35. It's just horrendous. And LeBron James can't just have three rebounds. I'm sorry. He just can't. He's just better than that. At least Kevin Love got nine rebounds. But the rest of it's just a disaster.

So now for my big picture take-away-- back to Joy's question about the cryptic--


- --agenda quote. How weird is that? Ty Lue went LeBron on LeBron. Because it's usually LeBron who drops the little cryptic bombshell after the game, right? And all of a sudden, the coach did. Wow. So--

SHANNON SHARPE: Hold up, Skip. I don't like that. I don't like what you're trying to imply here. I know what you're trying to do.

- I'm not going to imply. I'm just going to flat out state it. It's not going to be between the line. It's going to be the line.

- Oh, it's in front of the line.

- Yes.

- I'm going to get to see it.

- In the 203 games that Ty Lue has now coached Lebron's team, that was the first time that the guy I've often referred to as assistant coach Lue acted like the head coach last night. Because in that sideline huddle that you spoke of, LeBron got angry at the whole team for a little while. And then, all of a sudden, LeBron directed his anger-- if we could see it again-- at the coach.

SHANNON SHARPE: Was it Ty Lue or Drew?

- No. It was at the head coach. That's how I saw it. I thought he was pointing at the head coach. And pretty soon, the head coach and everybody else is firing back at LeBron. And finally, he backed up and said, oh-- oh, OK. Like, that's the first time anybody's ever gone back at LeBron James.

So my point is that everybody stood up to LeBron for the first time and said, well, what about you? He got asked in the huddle, what about you? What's your role in all this?

And then Ty Lue cryptically skipped over the defense, which is obviously the most glaring weakness here, and went to the offense, and talked about how everyone has to be on the same page, and we need to share the ball. And again, he didn't stipulate, I'm not talking about LeBron James. Because he got re-asked the question. You mean what?

And usually, he would say, now, I don't mean LeBron, obviously. I'm talking about the rest of them. But he kept LeBron in the mix of this. So I can only wonder about what the direction of that is going. And I'm going to say this one more time. And we're going to talk about Kyrie here in a little bit-- about his Instagram. No, he-- what did he--

SHANNON SHARPE: He liked it.


- He liked-- that's what he did-- the huddle shot, right? And again, I have a source very close to Kyrie who told me that a reason that Kyrie wanted out is that Kyrie came to believe that LeBron, at this point in his career, is a little more interested in his performance and his stats than winning championships.