Shannon Sharpe reacts to LeBron, Cleveland Cavaliers’ recent struggles

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In a conversation about the Cleveland Cavaliers' 133-99 loss to the Toronto Raptors, Shannon Sharpe analyzes the lack of defense played in the 34-point loss and explains what the Cavs need to improve moving forward.

- Shannon, what did Ty Lue mean by agendas?

- Mm.


- I don't know what he really meant. I know they're not playing defense. That's what he should have said. They're not playing defense, at all, Skip. I mean, this is--

SKIP BAYLESS: He started with that, but then he went to the offense. But go ahead.

- They're sharing the ball, but Isaiah can't buy a bucket. 0 and 10, again, Skip. Remember the other night, he was at the half. That's not-- o-fer. I think he's 0 for 18 in the first half of the last two ball games.

Kevin Love-- and that's the thing with Kevin. Kevin can be great some games. Some games, he'll give you 31 and 18.


- And then, I thought Santa was supposed to bring you things for Christmas.


- He took Kevin Love's game. Does he still play for the Cavaliers? Skip, JR hasn't been right in a while. Now, he went through something last year with his daughter being born prematurely. He got the big contract. He broke the wrist. He missed some games. He came back. And we know JR's not going to shoot a high percentage, Skip, because he's going to take off-balance shots. He's going to take a lot of threes. He's going to shoot the ball late in the shot clock. So I don't expect him. But I do expect him to play better than what I've seen over the last year and a half.

Jae Crowder, all of a sudden, he can't buy a bucket. He was a great spot-up corner shooter when he with the Celtics. And he could play lock down D. He don't play any D. I mean, I know you're going to talk about LeBron's plus-minus, but when you go 0 for-- god, I know you going to talk about that.

SKIP BAYLESS: I didn't write it down. I swear. You could-- Joy, you could just check.

- No, Joy can't read that myth. Joy can't read that. She can just write.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, I only care about his minus. I don't care about the plus, but go ahead.

- Exactly,

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, right.

- Yeah, you're going to have a minus when one guy at the half go 0 for 10, another guy go 1 for 4, another guy goes 1 for 3. Yeah, you're going to be minus 22. But look at him at the first half. He was 6 of 10. The rest of the starters, 9-- the rest of the team was 9 of 24. What am I supposed to do with that, Skip?

LeBron doesn't have an agenda. He's the only guy that's on that roster that has nothing left to prove. You don't think teams would line up-- if the season ended today, and LeBron was a free agent, you think-- oh, man, I don't know if LeBron's still got it. He's still averaging 27, 9, and 8. The only person that really has something to prove is who, Skip? Isaiah, he's the only one. Kevin Love's on a contract for another year, two years. JR's in a contract for two years. Jae Crowder's on a contract for two years. Kevin Love got another year after this.

So I don't really get what Ty Lue is trying to say. But how about they got out-rebounded 65 to 35, 18 out on the offensive end. That means, if you get out-rebounded by almost 30, that means, on some occasions, you gave up multiple multiple, at least four cracks on the offense end, Skip. You can't get out-rebounded by this much and it just be on the defensive end of the basketball on the court.

I watched 'em. They weren't playing. I mean, they try and close out, and when they close out, Skip, it's like they're nailed to the floor. They don't try to do-- they don't shuffle their feet. Kevin Lowe, guy, I mean, I don't even know this guy. You get out-rebounded by 28 with no Ibaka. Their second-best player, Kyle Lowry, didn't even play. And you get beat by this? What am I supposed to do with this, Skip?

But I ain't worried. LeBron will get it going. He-- I'm sure LeBron had a closed door meeting and let them know that he's very disappointing-- disappointed in their play. And that's not good enough if you want to play with me. Now, I'm going to make some moves. And a lot of people are not going to be happy with the moves I'm about to make. But I'm about to shake some things up.

- Some people are going to be gone?

- Of course.

Some people are going to be added?

- Yep.

- Yep.

- Some tall people?

- Yep.

- Yeah.

- And you won't be key key keying like you are right now?

- No.

- Nope.

- No.

- But your day coming.