Skip Bayless explains why Kevin Durant is a ‘better’ shooter than LeBron James

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In a conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless compares Kevin Durant and LeBron James' shooting percentages. Skip explains how KD might be a better overall shooter than LeBron after Durant became the 2nd youngest player to score 20K points last night.

SKIP BAYLESS: Let's go back and start at the start here. Let's start at the fact that Kevin Durant just passed 20,000 points, and it took him more than a year longer in age. But let's just do it by games played. How many games did it take you in the NBA to reach 20,000? Well, it took Kevin 737 games, because to your point, he missed a bunch of games.


SKIP BAYLESS: So in game number 737, he passed 20,000.


SKIP BAYLESS: It took LeBron to 726, so it's only 11 games earlier for LeBron.


SKIP BAYLESS: So it's pretty impressive, when you just do games played--

SHANNON SHARPE: So he still scored more points per game than Kevin Durant.

SKIP BAYLESS: But you have to factor in that in eight seasons previous to this, he had to play. He had to, not got to, he had to play with that guy Russell Westbrook, that he finally couldn't take any more, and left, back in Oklahoma City.

And in those eight seasons, where he had to costar, Russell Westbrook took more shots than him in three of those eight seasons. That's staggering to me. Now, I'm going to give you one, in case you don't know this, but last year Kyrie took more shots than LeBron.

SHANNON SHARPE: I knew that.

SKIP BAYLESS: But that doesn't factor in to passing 20,000.

SHANNON SHARPE: In those games, how many years did Kevin Durant take more shots than LeBron James per game?

SKIP BAYLESS: I don't know. I didn't look that up. But it just doesn't matter, because we're talking about who's the better scorer. Well, Kevin's a little better scorer than LeBron James is. It's my turn. It's my turn. You're off. Can you mute him, please?



SHANNON SHARPE: Go ahead, Skip, go ahead.

SKIP BAYLESS: Because Kevin actually makes his free throws. Let's start with that. Because would you believe that if we just do the average of-- because LeBron as we know, he's a below average free throw shooter. I'm just going to give you the average free throws missed in LeBron James career. He's missed an average of 155 free throws a year for his 15 year career. Kevin misses an average of 62 free throws. So look how the points are mounting up in favor of Kevin Durant, who's an 88%, 89% free throw shooter.

SHANNON SHARPE: All that being said, LeBron misses 90 more free throws per season than Kevin Durant, and if you go game by game, LeBron has a higher scoring average than Kevin Durant. So what--

SKIP BAYLESS: How about three point shooting? Obviously, Kevin's a better three point shooter than LeBron James. So Kevin can average-- we'll just do an average for his career. He's averaged scoring 367 points from the three point line for his career. LeBron is at 309. But that's a big gap, because that's 60 more points a year.

SHANNON SHARPE: Even when you factor that in, if you take it game by game, LeBron still-- so Kevin Durant throws better from the free throw line, Joy, he gets more points there. He shoots better from the a three point line, gets more points there. But LeBron still, game by game, averages more points than Kevin Durant.

So I'm trying to get to your point. The question was, Joy, if I'm not mistaken now-- these old eyes-- old Eagles Eye Shannon. That's what they called me, Eagle Eye.

SKIP BAYLESS: They never called him--

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, they do!

SKIP BAYLESS: Nobody ever called him--

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, they called me Snake Eyed Willie. I can call the dice before they stop rolling, Skip. But anyway, the question was, who would score more points, LeBron or Kevin Durant. You come with this, oh, Kevin Durant's the better scorer.


SHANNON SHARPE: That's not--

SKIP BAYLESS: He's a better shooter.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's not what the numbers say.

SKIP BAYLESS: He can score more ways than LeBron can.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's not what the numbers say.

SKIP BAYLESS: 27 to 27, so, OK, I'm just saying he has more ability to score more ways, which could serve him better going into the future.