Michael Rapaport advises Lakers’ Luke Walton and Magic Johnson on how to deal with LaVar Ball

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Joining Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor on Undisputed, an incensed Michael Rapaport offers up some fiery advice for Luke Walton and Magic Johnson on how to deal with the outlandish LaVar Ball as he continues to manufacture detrimental drama for his son Lonzo and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers.

- If you were in charge of the Lakers, how would you handle this?

- If I was in charge of the Lakers, I would handle it like this. When LaVar goes low, the Lakers should go lower.


The-- the next time they get asked about-- Luke Walton gets asked about LaVar, I'd be like, who? Why are you asking me about this clown?

- Mm.

- I don't-- why are you talking about this bozo?


- I don't know him. He has no significance in my life. Well, LaVar said-- who cares what he said? I could give a crap what he said.

You have to be as rude, and as obnoxious, and as disrespectful about LaVar Ball as he is to you. You can't be classy. I support the coaches saying they don't want to talk to-- is it TMZ? Skip, you're a famous guy. Joy, you're famous.

We walk around Los Angeles. You come out of the gym. TMZ is out there. You treat them how you want to treat them. Like, I'm not talking-- this is like gossip.

- Yeah.

- They're turning the NBA into gossip. And Steve Kerr made one of the biggest mistakes. And I love Steve Kerr. He said that LaVar Ball is like a Kardashian.

He wishes he was a Kardashian. They make money off of-- off of what they say. They make money. He's not making money. He's getting Fs from the Better Business Bureau.


- Listen, fame is a-- is a serious drug.

- Mm.

- You went nuts on it.

- Yeah.


- And right now, LaVar Ball is strung out--

- He is.

--on fame.

- Yeah, that's true.

- He's on those gray skies. The pusher man got him all messed up on the fame.


- He doesn't know what to do with himself. I think it's obnoxious and disrespectful. And I think Luke Walton, Magic, and them, they need to step it up and be like, I don't care what this guy thinks. Don't invite him to any of the functions.

And one of the things that I think is really sad, and even pathetic, is that I saw Kyle Kuzma the other day get asked about this situation.


- And essentially, he's having to take sides against his friend-slash-teammate's father.

COMMENTATOR: Yeah, he is.

- He's like, you know, it's white noise. I don't care what he says. It's [INAUDIBLE]. We're talking about a guy's father. And-- and everybody keeps playing into it.

I would just be like, I don't care what this bozo had to say.

- Mm.

- Who is this dude? Where did it come from? What did LaVar Ball do before last March? What's his background? What's his-- why is anything he has to say of any relevance at all?

- Mm. By the way, quick point of order-- are you saying you stiff TMZ outside restaurants in Los Angeles?

- If I need to.

- You do?

- It depends on what kind of-- what should I get them the free-- I'm not here for free. Skip, I'm getting paid to be here, man.


- Listen, I tell TMZ-- I say, listen. You got any money? Because you're never get any of this verbiage.


- These words are gold right here. You're not getting this for free.


- Wow.

- When you're walking out of the gym, Skip, and you're, you know, in your sun glasses.

- I stop.

COMMENTATOR: He don't go to the gym.

- I stop.

- But you know what I'm saying. Like, you know?

- I live in the gym.

- He's turning-- like, TMZ would be a complement to what LaVar Ball-- it's like turning into, like, you know-- like a rag magazine. It's ridiculous.