Shannon Sharpe on the Cavs’ loss to the Timberwolves: ‘This is bad… I don’t like what I’m seeing’

In his conversation with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reveals what Isaiah Thomas' ejection in the Cleveland Cavaliers' game against the Minnesota Timberwolves signifies for LeBron James and The King's Cavs moving forward.

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- Isaiah's trying to work his way back, Skip. He hadn't played in seven months. Isaiah's 5 foot 9 inches tall. He can-- and his whole game is predicated on being explosive and quick. When you're 5' 9", Skip, you can't lose anything.

He's not Kareem. As Kareem got older, he could still go down to the block, Magic dump it down to him, and he'd throw the sky hook. But when you're 5' 9", and you lose your explosive and your quickness, what can you do? You're not--

- Are you saying he has lost it?

- No, I'm saying, he's rounding back into shape. He's not 100%. So it's going to take him some weeks, maybe even some months, to get back to where he is that Isaiah Thomas. But, Skip, they're going to have to make a move. I know they have no assurances from LeBron that he will sign next year. But they've got to make a move.

The way this team is constructed right now, they wouldn't-- they would lose every game by 25 to the Warriors-- that's if they get out of the East. Because right now the Celtics feel very comfortable with where they are. Toronto is coming. Toronto look good. I still don't believe Toronto or the Celtics could beat them four times over a week and a half. But Skip, they're going to have to do something.

They're going to have to move some people in order to right this ship. And right now, I don't like what I'm seeing. I don't mind losing. It's just the way that they're losing.

They give up 127 points to Orlando without two of their best players playing. And then you give up-- they were down by 41 at one point. The final score says by 28, but it should have been by 60. This is bad. I don't like what I'm seeing.

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