Shannon doesn’t have much confidence in Blake Bortles moving forward

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Shannon Sharpe explains why he doesn't think the Jacksonville Jaguars have a chance against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC divisional playoff game.

- I don't give him much of a shot, but this is pro-sports. And in one game-- especially in the game of football-- anything can happen. They had to play-- old basketball, you had to play two out of three, or three out of five. Four out of seven like you do, nine championships in basketball, in baseball. They're not beating the Pittsburgh Steelers four out of seven times, but for one game. I believe that game that Ben had was an anomaly. I don't believe Ben will throw five touchdown-- five interceptions, two pick sixes.

Because think about it-- the Jags scored 30 points. They get two pick sixes and the Jags were trying to run out the clock, and Leonard Fournette springs one for 90 yards. So they basically get-- so basically they scored nine points. We saw that on display yesterday. Blake Bortles won a game, won a playoff game, when he-- which he rush for more yards than he pass.

- He did?

- And they tried to make it so easy for him. I mean, they run in boots and guys-- the tight end dragged on the down flat wide open. Incomplete. Incomplete. Incomplete. Defensively, Skip, they have the type of defense that could cause the Steelers problems. But their offense, with Blake Bortles? But you know what? If I'm every other team that's not in the play off, I'm looking at that game yesterday, I said, I can't believe my eyes. Tyrod Taylor and Blake Bortles are quarterbacking in the playoff game. What the hell does that say about my quarterbacks?

With the exception of Philip Rivers, everybody should be disgusted. Because we know Philip Rivers is better than both of those guys. But when you look around the league, Skip, and you saw what you saw yesterday? What with-- Tyrod Taylor was like, 14-- let me see-- 17 of 37 for 134. Now, remember, the first game, Blake Bortles was eight of 14, for 90 yards. That's what he did.

- He did?

- And they blew the Steelers out. I don't believe--

- 30 to nine.

- I don't believe lightning will strike twice. I don't see it. I don't-- I don't see them going into Pittsburgh and beating the Steelers again. Now how healthy is Antonio Brown? Now, they got some corners. Jalen Ramsey is for real. A.J. Bouye? They got veteran safeties like Church and Gibson. So, they- they have some players. In that front seven with Campbell and Jackson, Ngakoue, and Fowler, Jack [INAUDIBLE] whew! Player for player defense, can't nobody touch them. You look at their defense, player for player, can nobody touch them in the NFL.

- I agree.

- But the question is, what are they going to get from Bortles? I have no idea. Nobody have the idea. He's going to have to play a lot better than what he played. Because as the pressure rises, as you go further, because you get closer and closer to your ultimate destination, which is Minnesota.