Skip Bayless explains what makes the Jags D ‘the best in the NFL’

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In a discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless explains how Jacksonville's defense with challenge the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC divisional playoffs.

- I am leaning toward taking Jacksonville over Pittsburgh. After what I saw yesterday from that defense, it is the best defense in the NFL. It is better than Minnesota's defense because you just went right down the line-- five of those players you named, they're freaks to me. They're so special as athletes. They're at the top of their class at their positions.

- But that was Tyrod Taylor messing up.

- OK, I got it. I got it. But they did a number on Ben. He probably wasn't ready for it. You know, he wasn't geared up and locked in. And he said last week, I want Jacksonville. He didn't want anybody else. He just wanted to Jacksonville. So be careful what you wish for, Ben. Because that's going to go up on their bulletin board, along with all the quotes from Mike Tomlin as he told Tony Dungy-- what was it, maybe six weeks ago? He said, it's going to come down to us and New England, right. He just went right on the record, blurted it right out. He broke every coaching rule in the history of pro football by saying, oh it's going to come down to us and New England. It's either going to be at our place or at their place, right. And now it's going to be at their place, if you can get by the Jacksonville Jaguars. And if you can get by Blake Bortles.

And I agree with you. Much of the day was just horrifying to watch. But you know what? I've not been a fan of his. But I've been checking him out all year. And there'll be games when he'll come alive when you least expect it. He has talent. He's 6' 5", 240. And by the way, just run it. He can't make anybody miss. But if you let him loose running down the football field, he can run a little bit.

- Yeah, he got good straight line speed.

- I don't know what he is. I should've looked it up. But he's probably a 4.8, 4.9 guy, maybe. I'll bet he's sub 5.

- Right now five flat.

- Maybe, maybe somewhere. But that's pretty good, actually. You know, if you get loose down the middle and you're 240 pounds. He's not Cam Newton. But we saw yesterday he got loose for three big runs-- 20 yards, 12 yards and 12 yards-- that that actually helped tilt the field in their direction. An all time-- as they pointed out on CBS multiple times yesterday-- his average per rush is fourth all time, behind Michael Vick, and Bobby Douglas, and Randall Cunningham, right. So he's way up high, 40-some yards. He had eight yards of rush yesterday, because as you say, one more yard rushing than he did passing.

Well I look at his games, and 4 times this year he threw for 300 plus yards. Well that's not that easy to do in the National Football League. So you can't say he's just a disaster, right. And if you look at his QBRs-- and you know how much I love my QBRs, 0 to 100-- he had some dismal ones, and he had some big ones. He had a 96, and a 98, and an 88, and a 96. And they average out to a 56. So he's a little above average. But when you look at it, he was above Mariota, he was above Cam, Jared Goff, Cousins, Jameis, Derek Carr. So he was in the middle--

- Of those guys, who you taking him over to for your quarterback? Maybe Mariota. You're not taking him over Cam. You're not going to move Winston.

- No, not over Goff. Cousins, I don't love. But I probably would take Cousins. But my point is if you give him that defense, and that running back-- and I'm not the biggest Fournette fan-- but if you let him loose a couple of times, he will gash you, as you know. Because he can run. What's he go? Like 240ish? I don't know what he weighs.

- Fournette?

- Yeah, 235, 240?

- Easy.

- And the point is, the defense is so good that Le'Veon is going to have a hard time getting on track. I just think he's going to have a hard time, because they had a hard time yesterday. And then you tell me. Will Antonio be 100% against Jalen Ramsey? And I think Jalen Ramsey will travel. I think he's going to be on Antonio. And then Bouye, he's a Pro Bowl player, right? So I don't know how you put him on, Juju?

- Yeah, probably on Juju.

- All right, so all of a sudden, it's going to be hard for Pittsburgh to score.