Skip reacts to LaVar Ball’s latest comments on Lakers’ coach Luke Walton

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In a discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reacts to LaVar Ball’s comments that Lakers’ head coach Luke Walton had lost control of his team. And explains how his father’s comments can affect the Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.

- The point is Rick Carlisle actually validated ESPN printing those remarks by lashing out. Because would he lash out at normal quotes from some mother or father of any other player? He wouldn't care. They come and they go.

- I would like to think that a normal mother or father would be more respectful and understand that my son has to go to work with this team, with those guys in that locker room every single day. And when something comes from me, it comes from my mouth, players in that locker room think I'm talking to my dad, I'm pillow talking to my dad. Maybe one person said that. But the mere fact that LaVar is talking, they think it came from Lonzo.

- I agree with that. And he could be trying to build in an early excuse for his kid, who hasn't played up to anybody's expectations yet. And yet in the big picture, I'm still convinced. I believe in Lonzo. I believe in his future. I believe he will be a transcendent passer, because I don't see anybody who can pass the ball like him in his generation.

- I believe he will not finish his career in a Lakers uniform.

- That's possible. But the point is I don't think we're ever going to see just how great, or good, or average Lonzo Ball can be until he gets LaVar out of his picture. Because this is literally stunting his growth. With his organization, with his teammates, his dad is making it impossible for the kid to play. And if the kid had put up huge numbers early, like, the second game of the year was at Phoenix, the 29 point game-- he's had a couple-- what's he up to 2, or 3 triple doubles?

- Yeah.

- If he kept putting up triple doubles every night, well then you could say, well, maybe he has a case against the coach. But he hasn't lived up to his end of the bargain.