Skip Bayless on Bill Belichick’s drama: ‘There’s a 75% chance he’s not in New England next year’

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless reacts to the Tom Brady - Bill Belichick drama on the New England Patriots, outlining who deserves the blame on both sides of the coin.

- Gut feeling, I'll go 75% chance he is not in New England next year. It's possible he would take a year off just to see the lay of the land, just sort of cool out a little bit.

SHANNON SHARPE: How many years do you think he has on his contract? Because what if they want compensation? So even if he took a year off, they would want compensation because they had to give up compensation to get him.

- Yeah. That's one of the great NFL mysteries. Nobody knows anything about Bill Belichick's contract, or if there even is one, or how long it lasts. So what are the likely "if this happens" landing spots?

Well, I brought up earlier, the New York Giants are without a coach. He won there, obviously, as a defensive coordinator. It's a cornerstone franchise in the Big Apple, and it's got the number two overall pick. So you'd have Eli maybe for a year going forward into your quarterback, if, in fact, you like any of the quarterbacks available.

- Correct.

- And I don't know if he would or not. He's probably already calculated all of the above. Guess what? There is an opening in Indianapolis. And the ultimate extended middle finger to the Patriots would be to go to the team that blew the whistle on them in Deflategate, right?

- Correct.

- And they do have a quarterback in place, if you love Andrew Luck and you trust that he will ever get healthy. I'm not so sure about either of those.

- Right, yeah.

- I don't know for sure.

- Yeah, I'm concerned with that shoulder.

- There is a great opportunity in Chicago, where they haven't won a Super Bowl since 1985. And you could go like Theo did from the Red Sox to the Cubs and be a huge hero there, because it's a football town more than even a Cubs town.

SHANNON SHARPE: And that's a cornerstone franchise.

SKIP BAYLESS: It's a cornerstone. And do you love Mitchell Trubisky? I don't know. I don't, but maybe he would. Maybe he'd see that would be the place he could score in.

So there are opportunities here if he wants to choose one. But New York, obviously, the Giants have hired Dave Gettleman, who was with the Carolina Panthers. So they have a GM in place, and Bill's going to want to do it all, man.