Shannon Sharpe reacts to Paul Pierce’s Boston jersey retirement frustration : ‘He’s absolutely correct!’

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Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless why he agrees with Paul Pierce's frustration with having his jersey retired the same night of Isaiah Thomas's video tribute, citing the importance of a jersey in the rafters vs a video presentation.

- Do you have a problem with Pierce saying this?

- Yes, I got a problem. Didn't Draymond tell you last year, they don't love you like they love Kobe? He even tried to tell you that--

SKIP BAYLESS: He did, during the game.

- He's absolute-- Paul Pierce is absolutely correct, Skip. He should not have to enjoy this moment. His proudest, one of his proudest moment was someone else getting a video tribute. He shouldn't.

But he can't say that. We can say that. Maybe some of the Celtics former teammates can say that. Skip, he can't say that. He can't.

And he's absolutely right. Paul Pierce is one of the top Celtics of all time. Now, he's number two on the scoring list behind John Havlicek.


- But if you look at the Top Ten, and you look at those names that's up there, every last one of them's in the Hall of Fame.


- So you go from Jo Jo White to Cowens to Russell to Cousy to Larry Bird, to Robert Parish to Kevin McHale--


- And his number is going up in the rafter


- But before it goes up in the rafters, we got to see a montage. Now, Isiah Thomas, he did leave an impression. He had the second-highest scoring average ever in fourth season, with 29 points. Larry Bird averaged 30 in the '87, '88 season.


- He played-- he left his mark. But, Skip, that-- you should have went here and got this out the way. Because, Skip, is that going to inspire you more? You want to bet-- you could have had the family come. This is Paul Pierce's night.


- This is Paul's night. If they retire my-- if they retire my jersey they got at the Hall of Fame, that, you know-- look here. I ain't trying to share that moment with nobody. So don't be telling me you're going to have a video tribute to TD or to Ed or Rod or anybody else. It's not gonna happen.

Now, what [INAUDIBLE]? Have his on a Monday. But don't share this moment.

But Paul can't say that, Skip. He can't. I know he said it in a joking manner.

But he's serious, Skip. He was dead-- he was dead-behind serious. He can't say it.

And Isaiah shouldn't want it. Your moment's gonna be dwarfed. Your family's coming.

But that moment's about Paul Pierce. I promise you, someone's jersey number going to the Raptors is more important than a two-minute or a five-minute video clip of your time in Boston. Let Paul Pierce have his moment.

You could have had your moment the other night. You could have had your family come in. I don't get why I want to be playing. What difference does it make?