Shannon Sharpe explains why we ‘shouldn’t be surprised’ about the Patriots’ brewing tensions

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In his conversation with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe weighs in on the New England Patriots' drama surrounding Robert Kraft forcing Bill Belichick to keep Tom Brady and trade Jimmy Garoppolo.

- Skip, I don't think anybody should be surprised-- at least you and I are not. Because we always felt, the way it was shaping up, Coach Belichick with grooming Jimmy Garoppolo to be the bridge from Tom Brady into the future, moving forward.


- Now, you mean to tell me a man-- and Coach Belichick-- I believe he's the greatest-- all that-- all that-- you know, I understand about Deflategate and Spygate. But I believe he's the greatest coach to ever coach in the NFL. He's the greatest situational coach in NFL history. So you mean to tell me a man that prepare this team for every possible scenario is willing not only to trade one, but two quarterbacks.

And you're like, OK, the bridge for the future now is Hoyer-- Brian Hoyer-- a guy that's been cut by seven different teams? He's going to be the bridge from Tom Brady into the future? You know Coach Belichick wouldn't do that, Skip.

Coach Belichick believed in Jimmy Garoppolo. He saw exactly in Jimmy Garoppolo what he saw in Tom Brady. And he was unwilling-- if you notice, Skip, Tom Brady says, I want to play into my mid-40's, maybe late 40's. Robert Kraft said several times, Tom Brady has told him, he wanted to play into his mid to late 40's.


- The one guy that never echoed that sentiment is who, Skip Bayless?


- Bill Belichick said-- Bill Belichick said, we'll see. There's a reason why coaches don't get close to players. There are two things Skip, in professions-- three things-- a head coach, a trauma surgeon, or a police officer-- you can't be emotional. Because they're going to-- you're going to see trauma. You're going to see stuff that, if you get emotional, that's going to hinder you from doing your job.

SKIP BAYLESS: That's correct.

- If you're a police officer, you're going to come in-- you're going to encounter things that, if you're emotional, that's going to hinder you from doing your job. Exactly as the head coach. If you become too attached to the players, it's going to hinder you from doing your job. This is a cutthroat business. You're going to sometimes have to cut all-time great players. Coach Belichick understand that very, very well.

Now, he traded Jacoby Brissett first. So you mean to tell me, Skip Bayless, the team that turned you into the NFL, you're going to do a deal with them? Skip, I can't do no deal with you! And then you-- a receiver. Phillip Dorsett, by all indications-- all indications-- by every metric or analytics you want to use-- has been a bust. What team you know trades a quarterback for a busted wide receiver?

[CHUCKLES] And then here we come to Jimmy Garoppolo. If you notice what Tom Brady said last week when they broached him the question, he said, Jimmy worked really, really hard in practice, and it's nice to see hard work pay off. Not one time did he say anything about his relationship, how he helped Jimmy. Because this is what we know, Skip. And I've always told people this, and they look at me side-eyed.

Quarterbacks have the biggest egos. They are the most sensitive of any player in the NFL. They do the best job of hiding it. Jimmy Garoppolo was a direct threat to Tom Brady, as was Steve Young to Joe Montana, as was Aaron Rodgers to Brett Favre.


- Now, if you look at the guys that they had great relationships-- Brett Favre had a great relationship with Ty Detmer. [CHUCKLES] John Elway had a great relationship with Gary Kubiak-- not so much with Tommy Maddox.

SKIP BAYLESS: That's true.

- Because I happened to be there.

SKIP BAYLESS: You were there.

- Those are direct threats. Brett Favre made it known. It's not my job to get Aaron Rodgers ready to play.


- So Skip, no one should be surprised by this. I believe Coach Belichick-- win, lose, or draw-- was ready to move on after this season without Tom Brady. And this is the first time I also believe in this relationship-- that Mr. Kraft, the owner of the team, gave Bill Belichick a direct order. You will move Jimmy Garoppolo.

Because Mr. Kraft has said on very, very numerous occasions that he viewed Tom Brady like a son. He views him as a Jonathan Kraft, who-- you always see him sitting up in the booth. You see Jonathan Kraft sitting next to him.


- He viewed Tom Brady in that same light.


- He told Belichick, I understand what you've done, but you will trade Jimmy Garoppolo.


- This has been brewing for a while, Skip. This has been brewing for a while. Coach Belichick had no problem moving on from Ryan Mallett, Brian Hoyer, Rohan Davey, and every other quarterback that they've taken since Tom Brady's been there. This is the one guy he was clutching. And his knuckles were white because he didn't want to let him go.