Shannon Sharpe on the Ball’s arriving in Lithuania: ‘What LaVar has been able to do… Is nothing short of miraculous’

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Jenny Taft, Shannon Sharpe reacts to LaVar, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball arriving in Lithuania, noting that although audiences don't always agree with him, what LaVar Ball has been able to do with his sons is nothing short of 'miraculous.'

- Clearly some big news in Lithuania.

- Skip, this is unbelievable. This is One Direction before they broke up. I mean, I've never seen anything like this.

- How do you know what One Direction--

- I know about everything. Skip, I don't get why you don't think I'd be keeping up with--

SKIP BAYLESS: Do you follow One Direction?

- No.

SKIP BAYLESS: Did you go to any concerts?

- But I know who Harry Styles is. But Skip, this is unbelievable. These are two teenage-- they don't sing. They don't act.


- I get it. They're OK basketball players. But they're not. I mean, you would think they were like international-- but they are now.


- The way the crowd responded to them being there, they seem genuinely and sincerely happy to see the Ball family. Now, I'm sure they're shooting their Facebook show. So how long does that last, that's how long I expect them to be over there.

- So, I'm going to say it one more time, I despise the outrageously unfair pressure that LaVar has heaped on his number one son as a Lakers rookie. But I must give him credit, because he keeps pulling these things off. They're rock stars.

- Yes.

- They're at the Lithuania-- I don't know how you pronounce the airport name, but it's just crazy.


- It is One Direction. It's back to the Beatles-esque.


- It's nutty what is happening thanks to the publicity generated by the father. Because I think the youngest son, I think, he could be pretty good but I don't know that for a fact.


- He's 6' 5". He's got a great handle. He can just shoot it. He'll--

- He's going to shoot it.

- He's going to shoot it. And so now, I thought this was crazy to send those kids to Lithuania. Then I'm watching the ESPN reports and there is a five star sort of spot that they can stay in. So I think they'll be OK with that. And remember, there's a Lithuanian league that's a little better than our college basketball. And then there's a Baltic league, if I get-- yeah, a Baltic league, which is a little less than our college basketball.


- So they'll play mostly in the Baltic league games.


- And this Coach Seskus, who coaches this team who doesn't speak much English, unfortunately for the two kids, they're going to create a tournament just so they can feature the kids. So I assume LaVar has made some deal with him because they're not nice to Americans. They don't go out of their way to cater to American players. You've got to earn your stripes over there.

- Yeah, Americans are not looked as fondly as they were once upon a time in a foreign country. Skip, this is almost like when you see like when LeBron or KD or some of these NBA stars, they go to China. They go to Thailand. And you see the frenzy. But you get that. That's LeBron. That's KD. That's Steph Curry. That's Russell.


- One guy should be going into a junior year in high school. And the other guy should be a freshman in college. And this is what they generated. Look, no matter what you think him-- maybe he's all about exploiting his kid, what he's been able to do, Skip, with no formal training, with no big brand endorsees backing him--


- What LaVar Ball has been able to do is nothing short of miraculous.


- And I hope they have success. But I've never seen anything like this, Skip.