Chris Broussard unveils how the Celtics’ win over the Cavaliers translates for LeBron James and Kyrie Irving

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Chris Broussard reveals to Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Jenny Taft what the Boston Celtics' win over the Cleveland Cavaliers means for LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I am no more worried about what I saw last night than what I saw, I don't know, what was it-- five days ago when Sacramento--


CHRIS BROUSSARD: --beat Cleveland, OK?

- Mm.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: This is absolutely nothing. Look--

- Shocking opinion from Chris Broussard.


- I thought you said he was objective.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: It's the truth! Skip, look--


CHRIS BROUSSARD: They're the-- the Cavs are the oldest team in the league.

- Oldest.

- Oldest!

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Second night of a back-to-back.


- Oh!

CHRIS BROUSSARD: And on top of that, it was an emotional-- you got to give them that. It was an emotional first game against Portland, because Isaiah Thomas is back.

- Sure.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: So they were not only physically drained--

- Those poor Cavaliers.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --but I think mentally and emotionally drained--


CHRIS BROUSSARD: --when they got to Boston.

- Mm.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: And look, obviously nobody showed up other than LeBron--

- Oh, really?

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --you know, who didn't play the fourth quarter. He had 19 points. Outside of LeBron, the rest of the Cavs shot 31%.

- Mm.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Kevin Love gave us--

- One for Evan.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --two points. One for Evan.

- Mm.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Here's what I think is going on with the Cavs. We obviously know they started off poorly. I think LeBron got tired of all the Kyrie hype. And Boston, obviously, was playing great basketball, winning every night-- that he picked it up. And obviously, they went on to win 18 and 19.

- They did?

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I think now Boston kind of, you know--

- Mhm.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --they settled in and, you know went, eight and six over a stretch, even under 500 for a nice stretch. And I think the Cavs have kind of relaxed and settled in. They've lost what-- five of seven.

- Mhm.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Last year, they went seven and eight in January. We know they played poorly over the second half of the season.

- Mm.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: The one thing I think could help them not go into a swoon is Isaiah Thomas is coming back. Just-- not just that he will play well, but that-- you understand, look, we have to play the way we're going to play in the playoffs to get him acclimated--

- Right.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --to get him fit in-- fitting in. And so that, you know, kind of project, if you will, could get them excited and get them from being-- stop them from being complacent.

- Mm.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: But I just think that that's all that this is.

- Mm.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: This is nothing at all to worry about.

- Mm.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Cavs in five or six--

- Mm.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: --if they meet in the conference finals.