Skip on Isaiah Thomas’ debut: ‘ It was fun to watch’

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In his discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reacts to Isaiah Thomas' impressive performance in his Cleveland Cavaliers debut.

- Was I surprised? Yeah, I was stunned. I was amazed because you said he going to be rusty. And I thought he'd be rusty. I saw very little rust. Maybe he wasn't quite as explosive, but he was close, man. And I saw no fear. I saw no hesitation.

I saw no let me ease back into this. Like LeBron was saying, we don't expect anything of him. We don't want putting pressure on him. Well, he's put a lot of pressure on himself because they gave him, fittingly, a big standing o. And he was just rise and shine, man. And he came out chucking. He came out firing.

And I was amused by it because he played one first five minute stint before he went and sat down for a couple. And he got up five shots in five minutes, and I'm thinking, oh my god, that's a lot of shots. And then he got up 12 in his, what? 19 minutes. And if you project that out over as the NBA does over 48 minutes.

- You know what, Skip?

- Wait a second! That would be 30.4 shots per 48 minutes which would currently lead the NBA. I know that's not fair because it's such a small sample size, but that's who he is now. That's what you got. I've been telling you he likes to have the ball in his hands as we saw last night. And he is going to shoot down the rock.

It's just who he is. It's OK. It's just but that's what you got here. And he can pass it a little bit, he's not LeBron. But he needs to be able to pass it and shoot it. You have to hold it first, right? So I was chuckling, and I tweeted late last night, it's now Isaiah Thomas' team. It was mildly tongue in cheek.

The crowd's gone crazy. And I'm going to warn you about this. Isaiah Thomas is built differently than Kyrie was. They both have big egos because any superstar has a big ego, no doubt. Shannon Sharpe, big ego, good with that. But they are different egos in that Isaiah basks in the spotlight. And they had him on NBA TV after the game, and he would use lit up, man.

And it was fun to watch because he craves the spotlight. He loves the interviews. Kyrie-- not so much. Kyrie doesn't really like to talk to the press. And he's just a little iffy on the post game interviews, the big ones like on NBA TV. He'll do them occasionally, but he's not into it the way Isaiah is into it.

My point is Isaiah loves a spotlight that is currently dominated and should be dominated by the, quote unquote, "best player on the planet." So I think it's going to be harder for LeBron to fit him in. And I'm also going to remind you this. This year, especially, as LeBron much of the year has played the highest minutes in the NBA.

He's not there right now. And by the way, he took himself out last night. It was shocking to me. He took himself out of the game with 5 minutes and 10 seconds left. Usually--

- We had it under control.

- No, because I think he's pointing to tonight because he wants to be sure he's got something left in the tank for Kyrie.

- He always got something Always got something for him.

- We'll talk about that in a second.