Shannon Sharpe reveals how Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide found their identity to defeat Clemson

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In his conversation with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reacts to Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide defeating Dabo Swinney's Clemson Tigers in the Sugar Bowl.

- Shannon, what happened last night?

- Coach Saban asked me for you to offer him an apology.

- Oh, really?

- Yeah.

- Well, I don't think--

- He said he heard you. He heard you talking about, ain't Nick. He heard you light up with, this is what he gave up to Deshaun Watson twice.

SKIP BAYLESS: Maybe the Alabama players heard me.

SHANNON SHARPE: This is what he gave to Chad Kelly twice. This is what he did to Trevor Knight-- gave up to Trevor Knight. He heard all that, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, it's all facts.

- What did he say last week? He said, in the Auburn game, we got-- we lost our identity. Who are we? What are we?

SKIP BAYLESS: That's a good question. Who are they?

- You know.

SKIP BAYLESS: I'm not sure still.

- Ask Dabo. Skip, did you see Da'Ron Payne? I said it last night. I said, he played something. He wasn't always a D lineman, Skip. Because when he intercepted that ball-- think about it, now. He intercepted the ball. He had to bend down to catch it. He started running. He stops, lets the running back go past. Then he switches the ball-- tries to stiff-arm.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, you said he played tight end in high school in Birmingham.

- And hoops. He probably played hoops. He looked like Warren Sapp running that ball, didn't he, Skip? And then they put him in short motion-- motion to the back. Skip, I guarantee you, if you throw him ten balls, I bet he got better hands than Dez.

SKIP BAYLESS: Right now--

- Right now!

SKIP BAYLESS: --he probably does. I would agree. I'll buy that.

- 340-pound Da'Ron Payne.

SKIP BAYLESS: I will agree.

- Skip, Alabama got back to what they do. You know what Alabama is going to do. You know what they're about. They're trying to make you one-dimensional. They're trying to choke off your run and force you to throw the football. The problem that they had the last two years with Deshaun Watson-- really? That's what you want him to do? Because he can do that as well as anybody in college football.

But-- and also, not only can he throw from the pocket, he could throw outside of the pocket, and when nothing was there, he could get you 10, 15 yards running the football-- more if need be. Kelly Bryant is not Deshaun Watson. And you know what, Skip? If I'm Jim Haslam, I watch these last two games that Clemson played against Alabama, and then I watch this game last night, whoever's not fired, I'm going to fire them again. Because there's no way Deshawn Watson shouldn't be in Cleveland after what they saw Alabama do to Clemson last night.

1.9 yards a carry-- I told you Alabama had all them ones. I mean, I had to read, like, seven different stats, Joy, before I got to number two. Clemson averages 35 points, 488 yards. Do you know, going into that last drive, Skip Bayless, Clemson had a grand total of 113 yards of total offense-- before the last drive? And St. Nick said, y'all better not let him in the end zone.

SKIP BAYLESS: They almost did.

- Full cracks for-- no, no, I don't. Almost? Almost, Skip. I told you. You gonna put some "'spect" on the man's name. He has five national championships. And every chance you get, you try to slight him. He showed you. He said, we're going to get back to our identity.

That D line-- now, they don't have the depth. Because there are a lot of those D linemen that went to the NFL last year, Skip. But look at Payne. Look at Hand. Hoo, look at Davis. They got 'em. They loaded again-- Alabama.

I know everybody's upset. You know what they mad about, Joy? Ohio State deserved it. Ohio State wouldn't. Ohio State don't want to see Alabama no time soon. They did what they did when they had Zeke. Ohio State is where they should be.

Coach Saban said, I think we deserve to be in that college playoff. I think we've done enough. And if we're fortunate enough to get in, we're going to show you what we're about. They removed all doubt.

I know you hate it-- the SEC. Yeah, they're top-heavy. But them two heavyweights that they got-- all I know is this. Say, in the last decade, only one conference has sent three different teams to play for a national championship-- only one, Skip. Who else can say that? Can the Big 12 say that?

The Big-- oh, the Big-- now, Penn State has been good the last two years. But it's Ohio State. We don't talk about Michigan. We're going to talk about them later.

When we talk about the Big 12, it's Ohio-- I mean, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn. Coach Saban had that old stink-stink. You gonna put some some "'spect" on his name. You gonna put-- oh. Oh, Skip! I didn't want to do this, Skip. I feel bad for you. Because after Oklahoma lost, I was like, man, is Skip-- I thought I would have a different co-host today. I said, Skip ain't coming to work today.

SKIP BAYLESS: I always come to work.

- You always come into work. Well, you're going to be disappointed again.