Skip Bayless likes the idea of Jon Gruden coaching the Raiders

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In a discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless explains why he likes the idea of Jon Gruden coaching the Oakland Raiders.

- I covered Jon Gruden when he coached the Oakland Raiders in the Bay Area. And I'm here to tell you, he wasn't just a good fit, he was an all-time great fit for that team. Because he just exuded-- he just spilled silver and black mystique.

- Yes.

- He had that Chuckie snarl and Raider Nation just ate it up. And I can tell you, in that time, because I covered both the 49ers and the Raiders in the Bay Area, the biggest star in the Bay Area was not Terrell Owens over here on this side of the Bay with the 49ers, it was Chuckie Gruden. It was. He just loomed over this franchise.

The black hole loved him because he embodied their spirit. He was against the grain. And he had some just vintage shouting matches, with his owner, Al Davis, walking off the practice field every other day. And the media could watch it and report about it. He just openly defied Al Davis, who eventually, as you know, just flat-out traded him to Tampa.

- For $8 million and two first round picks.

- Yeah, that's pretty good.

- There's a lot of coaches that would get traded that's not named Bill Belichick.

- But Chuckie came back and got his revenge on Al the next year, because Chuckie could basically call all the Raider plays in the Super Bowl. And it got completely out of hand against Rich Gannon, who was that year the NFL MVP for the Raiders. And the tables got turned. And it was 48 to 21 Tampa, and Jon Gruden was on this Super Bowl map, to your point. And he sort of lived off that, all the way till now.

- Now.

- And by the way, I don't think he's good at what he does on television, I think he's great at it, just for the record.

- Yeah, he is.

- So I'm a little surprised he would give up that stage, because it is a great ESPN Monday night stage. But he's got it in his blood. And all of a sudden, I don't know if they can get it passed with the other owners to give him an ownership cut here in Oakland. But I think they will if Al Davis' son is capable of-- if he can pull it off, he's going to give him an ownership stake.