Shannon Sharpe reveals why he believes LaVar Ball’s new league ‘is a good idea in theory’

Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why he believes LaVar Ball's new league for high school graduates 'is a good idea in theory.'

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- Shannon, do you give this league any shot?

- Oh my goodness. I think in theory, it's a great idea, because we realize that the NCAA is making tons and tons of money. We see them give huge buyouts, 10 million, $12 million. Coaches can go whenever they want to. They can leave, got a five years left. They can pick up and leave with no penalty. They don't have to sit out. So we understand that it's slanted in favor of the NCAA.

LaVar is very anti-establishment. He's always gonna go against the norm. But LaVar is all about LaVar. Once LaVar can no longer control the situation, that's when LaVar will act. He couldn't control the situation in high school, I'mma home-school Melo. He couldn't control the length of the suspension at UCLA, I'm taking Gelo out of there. I'mma put him in a situation where I can control the environment.

Now the G-League already exists, Skip.


- So you 18 years old as opposed to being 19-- you got to be at least 19 to go into the NBA draft. But if you want to come right out of high school and go into the G-League, you can do that. You'd make, what is it? 19 to 26,000, plus benefits in the house. Not a bad deal. He gonna play what? 3 to $4,000 a month? But for some kid that want to be one and done, their dream is to play at Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina. Not play in your crappy league. Now I wish you the best. I hope-- hope it's a success. Now good luck trying to get--


Good luck trying to get NBA scouts to come see-- come see your guys, LaVar.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, if he got enough of them, I think they would come watch.

- Skip, if that's, look. Who knows? They might be taking a pay cut from going to the one and done where they would normally gonna go. So I wish him the best. I'm all for anybody that's gonna try to do something, although it hasn't been done. Hey, people didn't think Google was gonna work. They said, Steve Jobs-- rest his soul-- crazy coming up with the Macintosh. Oh, guess what?

My grandpa would say, boy, the only thing worse than failure is not trying. Try it. We're thinking hey, What if it is a success? Then he's a genius. If it doesn't, he won't be the first guy that came up with an idea that wasn't successful. So I got no problem with it. If he wants to do it, so be it.

But I just don't, for me-- if he had thought about this, Skip, prior to all this happening, I got no problem with it. If while Melo was in high school and Gelo's at UCLA and he's trying to formulate a plan, I got no problem with it. It wasn't until he could no longer control the situation that he started coming up with these ideas.

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