Skip on Dallas: ‘If the Cowboys sneak into the playoffs… They will get to the Super Bowl!’

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In his discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless discusses the importance of Sean Lee and reveals how Dak Prescott could lead the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl if they win out in the NFC.

- Your Cowboys time is about to be up in two weeks, but your time can begin.

- If my Cowboys somehow miraculously slip into the final playoff spot, they will get to the Super Bowl because they will win the NFC, just as I predicted they would before the year.


- Because if they, by that point, have one out to get to 10 and 6-- which they are going to do-- they will win the last three games, just the way they won the previous two games. They're going to win their last 5 to get to 10 and 6.

And if they have a healthy Sean Lee and an eligible Ezekiel Elliott, everybody's in trouble, because I always like my team on the road better than I like it at home. And clearly, they would have to go on the road to get to the Super Bowl, just the way we've seen Aaron Rodgers, and Eli Manning, and various others go on the road to win it or get to the Super Bowl. And in this case, if they do get to 10 and 6 and barely don't make it because of 15 different tiebreakers, then there should be a playoff selection committee--


--like college football has.

- Stop! No.

SKIP BAYLESS: They should, because you know it and I know it. If they get to 10 and 6, the selection committee would say, that team's better than whoever gets in the backside of the playoff.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, nobody asked for a selection committee when the Patriots went 11 and 5 and missed the playoffs.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, there should have been one that playoff.

- No, there shouldn't have been.

- Well, that was--

- Play your way in.

- --Matt Cassel.

- First of all, you had 16 games.


- Now all of a sudden, you want to play tough now.

- Well, I'm just saying Sean Lee, they were 1 and 6 without him. Look what they're doing with him.

- When they carry the ball-- when the Dallas Cowboys rush the football 30 or more attempts, they're 6 and 1.

- Mm-hmm. So?

- Is Sean Lee a running back?

- Without Sean Lee and without Ezekiel, where they weren't sure who they were, they had to go to Atlanta. Then they had to play the red-hot, high-flying fly, Eagles, fly Eagles. And then they had to play what I think is the most dangerous team in the AFC, given Pittsburgh also. Even more dangerous than Pittsburgh are the Chargers. And they had to deal with them on Thanksgiving. And it was wipeout, wipeout, wipeout.

-And what--