Skip Bayless has never seen anything like the LaVar-Lonzo-Magic dynamic

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Skip Bayless tells Shannon Sharpe why he has never seen anything before like we are seeing with the Lakers this season.

- In my lengthy career, I have never encountered a dynamic like the LaVar-Lonzo-now-Magic dynamic. Never seen anything like it. And we're only at tip of iceberg so far. And it's going to get icy from here on.

So let's step back and look at what happened last night at Madison Square Garden. Fittingly, and probably predictably, on Lonzo Ball's first big night at the mecca of basketball-- Madison Square Garden-- middle in New York City-- his father LaVar managed to upstage him on and off the court, during and after the game. This is impossible, but he pulled it off.

Think about this. Lonzo's big night turned into LaVar's bigger night.

- Correct.

- And predictably, I thought Lonzo had a lot more energy last night. He was more engaged. He was more assertive. He was more aggressive. He just had more energy, because his father somehow managed-- help me out here-- to score four courtside seats at Madison Square Garden for wife, number two son, number three son, and LaVar.

What? They are courtside. So we have the dynamic of, here's Magic Johnson courtside down on this end. We have all in the Ball family-- "Ball in the Family--" over here. And we have poor Luke Walton in the middle, like, juggling balls everywhere, right?


- And somehow-- and again, I want to compliment ESPN. They tried to keep the camera off LaVar as much as you could. But after a while, he just becomes the story. Because LaVar Ball is courtside trash-talking and clowning with the great Spike Lee, as if they're on equal celebrity footing. And maybe they are now? Are they? Are they kind of equal? Are they kind of in the same realm?