Shannon on Jay Cutler after Miami’s win over the Pats: ‘It’s so frustrating to see what he’s capable of’

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In his reaction to the Miami Dolphins' win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why he is more upset with Jay Cutler now than he ever has been before in the past.

- Shannon, you've been highly critical of Jay in the past.

- Yes.

- So did last night change your opinion?

- Absolutely not. If anything--


- If anything, it makes you more disappointed. Because last night, he showed you a glimpse of what he could have been. And I'm not saying-- because Tom Brady, none of the greats have ever thrown for, you know, 260 plus yards and three touchdowns with no pick every single Sunday. That's not what I'm saying.

But we've seen far too many of these games and far too many of the other games where it's a fumble or a costly turnover that ends up costing his team the game. Skip, he showed you what he can do. Arm talent, second to none.

You see the play that came in. They had him dead to right. He spins out, rolls to his left, hit Drake. Doom. He drops a dime to the guy. He ended up dropping the ball in the fourth quarter. Could have nailed the door shut.


- So we know what Jay Cutler can do. And because he hasn't fulfilled the promise. Skip, it's hard for me to believe that there is an offensive coordinator or head coach that's come into contact with Jay Cutler since he's been in the NFL says Jay Cutler has maximized his ability.


- It's hard for me to believe that you'll find one coach that will say that. And people are like, well, what do you mean? Jay Cutler should have been a multiple, multiple time Pro Bowl player. He should have taken his teams to more than one playoff appearance.

He should have done that, Skip. That's how talented he is. And it's so frustrating for you to see what he is capable of last night or something close to that on a regular, routine basis, but far too many times it's the pick, the fumble, the apathetical, the blase faire attitude. You're like, brah.

I believe there's one person that believes Jay Cutler maximizes his ability. And that's Jay Cutler. Because at the end of the day, Skip, he's made $122 million.

So no matter what I think or others think, he taps that computer. He's like, oh, shit, I'm good then. Skip, you saw glimpses of what he could have been. And it's disappointing that he didn't meet those expectations.

I'm a firm believer in this, and my grandfather to say, boy, time is the one thing that you can never recapture. And unfortunately, sometimes, it's when time is up that we realize what we have left behind. And I think Jay Cutler as he nears the end-- now somebody's going to see this game last night, Joy-- now the Dolphins gave him $10 million. Somebody about to offer him 12, 13 for next year. I'm just saying. I'm just putting that out there right now.

SKIP BAYLESS: Could be right.

- I'm just putting that out right now. But I do not believe-- this does not change-- if anything, it makes me more upset. It makes me more frustrated. Because I know what Jay Cutler could've been. And I don't think he met those expectations.